Monday, 22 October 2012

I love our chummy laws and their enforcement

This is the song of peace
It aims at all S.O.B's and D.O.B's
You guys in fatigues
With your totting guns
Trigger happy as you always are
You the killing machines,
You who violate peace
You who are used by morons
When you kill, just kill peacefully
When you rape just do it peacefully
You venal and thievish nobles
When you steal just do it peacefully
Do even your corruption peacefully
For this is the hunk of peace
Peace in everything you do
Cops, officials and all courtiers
When you act, please act peacefully
I am talking to everybody
All sheep and hyenas
Noble and disgraced
Please observe peace
Again I should insist
That those suffering should not accept this
Stand up for your rights
Avoid and hate this elusive peace
Do your pacifism and passivism work hither?
Peace that leave in pieces
Just fight straight on and head on
Fight this Criminal Cabal of Murderers (CCM)
Fight all Coveted Oppressive Parloiners (COPS)
Fight all noble thieves and their majordomos
Fight fight everywhere
The poem above reminds me of the poem I wrote for myself when I found that I can’t do anything to prevent the dooms our people were being driven to.
In our good country and under our gentle laws, if you happen to be smart you can get away with it.
You can rob the public, indulge in capital flight, sabotage, receive kickbacks especially when signing such fat investment contracts and stash your money to offshore banks and nothing sinister can happen to you.
If you happen to use gun especially if you are a cop, you can shoot anybody you dislike under any pretext and nothing sinister can happen to you. You can sleep on the wheel if you are CEO of public business such as government and whatnot and nothing can happen to you. You can rig elections under the science of uchakachuaji and the heavens won’t fall on you. No law can reign on you even if what you are committing is pure impunity. This is why I like our gentle and humble laws. Again, don’t take our laws for a ride. They will not only ride on you but run over you especially if you contemplate stealing chickens or valueless things like receiving small kickbacks or indulging yourself in political ambitions under opposing parties; on this our law will nary treat you gently.
The other day I heard people shouting at the top of their voices that they’re not going to be counted during the national census. No law dealt with them. Others went a mile ahead as saying that they’d like their religion to be included in the census as if we were looking for priests and sheikhs. Again, our generous laws did not bite such people who were trying to use religious wisdom to gain political mileage. Under our generous laws, if you are smart or connected, you can do as you like without fearing anything.
I recently heard that some illegal immigrants came to the country and grabbed land and no law bit them. So too, I heard that some coveted illegals were even able to proselytize and nothing happen especially when they started preaching violence. Motorists enjoy our laws. Break them. The traffic officer calls you aside and you just valorize the law and that is that. Drug dealers know it well. Pay an officer at the airport handsomely and your cargo just passes sleekly.
True, our laws are almost generous to everybody except the wretched of the country. If you are an honourable MP you can sleep in the house, tell lies, do nothing to your constituency and the laws hug you instead of biting.
Sometimes back I heard some ballyhoos that the power that-be would take on thugs and drug dealers. Again, when it came to light that those guys were the funders of a certain powerful party this project was abandoned indefinitely. Who would like to cut the hand that feeds him? You can take this to the bank. Ask chaps like “the old man of vijesenti” Endelea Chenga and his pal Dr Idd Rashid. They’ll tell you how gentle, civilized and generous our laws are. You know what? It came to light that those guys stashed billions of dough abroad. Our laws, instead of biting them, they hugged them so as to be given even more ulaji in the house. Do you think I am making this up? Don’t sweat it. Ask Eddie Luwasha who was openly implicated in the Richman scam. He patriotically relinquished his PMship and went on becoming a chair of a powerful house committee plus being availed with all emoluments, pochopochos and whatnot all former PMs get.
To cut a long story short let me surmise saying long live our civilized and generous laws and the soft way they are enforced to see to it that we remain the hunk of peace.
Source: ThisDay Oct.,22 ,2012.

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