Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Bongo’s rich save’s poor bongo

When news came out that Bongolalaland loses zillions of dosh thanks to insane admin, boozers pinned down the cause of this entire spooky and creepy situation. However boozers have been quick to blame their monarchs, we need to know who sustain those guys? If anything, the worst injury a society can inflict to itself is nothing but the culture of carelessness and complaining without taking actions. If you allow them to screw you up why don’t they do so? Kick their ass and see if there’ll be such megalomania. You too are to blame except me who tells the right thing to do.
Look at what’s been going on in Dom where some jet-set-smoothies are eating boozers’ dosh under the pretext of writing a new constitution that’s become a new constipation. What have swiggers done to arrest and foil such blatant theft by consent? Interestingly, thieves, sometimes, laugh at boozers simply because they are always downed so as to be robbed. Who’s the right to laugh at another? Nyani haoni nonihinole! Again, looking at begging pilfers while they allow other foreign thieves to rob them and the boozers, you wonder. The amount so stolen by crooks that conspire with ultra-greedy and egoistic official is not only staggering but also jaw-dropping. I am told that for only ten years almost 20 trillion Dollars have been siphoned from the hunk.
More of stolen dosh, one fyatu tried to put in perspective what the hunk loses annually saying that such humongous dosh can build 374 ultra-modern dispensaries at the cost of $5 million (approx. 8 bn dafus) each or refurbish the dilapidated Central Railway Line.
This whooping sum would enable the hunk supply water to at least a half of boozers in the hunk. If it spent on kanywaji, it can make all boozers happy for almost a year. If spent on education though it is not a spiffy idea, for it can wake up boozers, such amount would enable all university students to study comfortably and get their degree instead of forging. If this humongous amount would be spent on vehicles for boozers, quarter of all boozers would get mikangafu.
So too, alternatively, the amount could enable obsolete BongoAir to purchase at least 30 Airbus A320 passenger jets at the cost $60 million each.
Jokes aside, Global Financial Integrity (GFI), the US-based international financial overseer, says in its latest report that from 2002 up till 2011 Bongo lost $18.73 billion.
True, the hanky panky of losing zillions proves my belief that Bongo’s richer save that it’s poor bongo or brain. If boozers can get a soul to man their affairs with just common sense to think and act sanely chances of forging ahead are big. Looking at how much boozers lose annually, I found that for just ten years they lost more than their internal and external debts put together at the time the current cabal of eaters came to clout. I won't wonder to hear that Bongo’s contributing to the economies of India, Singapore and Switzerland hugely. While this simian biz goes on, boozers’ head is always globetrotting under the pretext of begging. It is only recently boozers discovered that their man doesn't aim at begging but soliciting per diem. Had they had a sane head, he'd have manned the hunk wisely and pay himself even bigger sums than the peanut he gets from per diem. Given that there’s a lack of common sense; boozers are making less important things important as important ones are made less important. This reminds us of the epic foolish monitor that used to run to the lake to avoid shower or the foolish fish that used to beg for water while it lives in the lake. All the same, wonder not. When you see a guy in an expensive suit kow tow before donors begging while he allows more dosh than he begs to be stashed abroad know something’s wrong upstairs.
 So, when I say there’s a vacuum or absence of common sense I don't mean to abuse or belittle anybody save to tell the naked truth.
If you wake me up in the middle of the night and ask why Bongo’s a begging hunk, I’ll look in your eyes straight and tell you to go to hell or to go and tell it to the birds. Bongo is not supposed to languish in begging. Methinks the reason’s what mzee Ben Makapi’d call being lazy at thinking something he’s good at though he did see it on others. He sold everything at a throwaway price. What followed is disaster so to speak. Other crooks came in and finished his job of ruining the hunk. Evidently, you can see it on how all types of criminals, thieves and thugs, dope peddlers and drug barons became tycoons overnight and nobody’s questioning them. How many rich thieves do you know that screwed the hunk up to become billionaires?         
Rib cracker: India this year won a trophy of open defecation not to “dig medicine” or chimba dawa but just downloading in the bush. India’s 600 million defecators compared to Africa that has more cellphones than toilets. For the first time, Africa’s beaten in this mess. What development in underdevelopment! I can’t imagine seeing a boozer doing his things in a bush while talking on phone!
Source: Guardian May 25, 2014.

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