Sunday, 25 May 2014

Complicity and impunity will deck the hunk

           The report by Controller and Audit General (CAG) whose findings cause heart attacks to boozers left me morally injured.  Though CAG’s job was done and dusted, it was supposed to be the beginning for boozers’ task to question and possibly punish the villains. I sadly this didn't happen. Since the said report came out I feel like dying with anger and desire to drink the blood of a criminal. Since then, of course, things have calmed down as if nothing impious did happen. Boozers have already forgotten. They’re back into their hand-to-mouth struggles as usual while the eaters are eating even more. I’d state from the outset. When I look at the future of our hunk, I see doom and gloom thanks to economic and political morass. I’m worried God knows. How’d I stop worrying while everything is eaten? It is but an eating frenzy. As one Brit envoi to one East African hunk put it: Like houseflies, they eat vomit and poop in the container they eat from.  What a mess are we in!
Folks, I mean it. When I say dudes eat I mean it seriously. They eat and suck blood in a broad daylight. To make it worse, they've invited even their vitegemezi to eat with them. Now our hunk’s just like their private estate to abuse as pleased. Lucky dogs, those who’d take on them are completely dead mentally and morally.  I evidenced it just the same way CAG did. It is as if we’re becoming the society of termites that can gnaw and gnash everything put in front of them! No, we’re the society of egoistic, ruthless and blind monsters. Sadly, there’s no sane person one can tell to take on this calamity. Big and small, white, black and green eaters are just eating. What makes things worse and lugubrious is the truth that we’ve become man-eat-man humanity. Our future as a hunk’s drab and lurid due to impunity and complicity. Since we turned rapaciousness to be our credo as a hunk, surely our future’s nothing to be proud of or optimistic about shall we not change. Boozers hide nothing. They say it categorically and loudly that we've become the hunk of crooks, androids and fiends except themselves.
Who’d believe that exhibits would be stolen from cop’s stations in the first place? It did happen and it has been happening for years. CAG unearthed such stinking criminality in the ranks. We’re told that in Kilwa, cops mugged their own station and got away with tusks they intercepted. Again, in such crime race which criminal deserves heavy punishment between the one we pay and the poacher? While others are using gun to poach our animals others are using our offices. So we need to improve the dictionary with regard to the meaning of poaching. We used to believe that poaching is the act of entering restricted areas where animals live and kill them and take their products. Now, we’d add that poaching can be done out of the games and national parks. It can be committed in cop stations.
Another crime CAG revealed is hiking. The champions in this rolly making aka making a killing were the office of the biggie himself and many ministries whose officers hiked their air tickets they purchase in their globetrotting missions to inspect their offshore accounts on the expense of those they rob wantonly. What do you call the act of hiking a ticket at sixteen folds? If nobody can see this thuggery thereby says we’re attacking the high and the mighty pointless, such a person must be either sick or an abettor to this megalomania in the hunk. If there those among us who still think that things are spiffy, they need to have their heads checked. Indeed, if anything, this is the testament of how some of us can miscast things and take things easily for our peril. Many people are asking: Is this Better Life for all our corporate plants looking for deals promised or just better life for those wonks who take us for a ride?
Turns out that those we wrongly trusted still take us of goons and silly guys they can abuse as pleased.
When the report came out one boozer who like to call himself a patrician summarized it as thus, “Bongolalaland is the hunk of powerful criminals known as watuwala and weak zombies known as watuwaliwa. It is only in Bongo where this psychosis can be committed and tolerated. Take it from me. Nobody will face the music. Instead, wait for the coming year to discover that more dosh has been stolen.”
Another chipped in: If they rob us why don’t we rob them back by nationalizing their loots? Another sipper pared in asking, “Who’ll tell the king that he’s naked if all are in the same bed doing the same monkey biz? Sadly though, when you see a fool axing the branch is on, cry and holler.” Knowing the league of rulers we've, I just told him to his face: Guy, this is not Mzee Mchonga’s time. Unatawaliwa na vibaka na mibaka.
Source: ThisDay May 26, 20145.

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