Sunday, 25 May 2014

This is purely institutionalized racism

 Naturally, racist regimes discriminate against people who don’t belong to them especially those regarded as aliens or intruders. We evidenced it under Nazi Germany whereby Adolf Hitler butchered Jews simply because they’re not Germans. Under Apartheid, Boers discriminated Africans for what they called self-preservation. Again, racism is a crime. However, those above mentioned stinking racists had a justification.
Today we’re delving into what seems to be institutionalized racism in our own doorstep. The difference is that this racism is done at the peril of our people. Our system either purposely or otherwise does discriminate indigenous as it favours foreigners. This, for long, has been the case save our rulers have tried to get away with it making boozers believe that everything is spiffy while it isn't.
Our take on this long-standing racism’s triggered by what happened in Arusha recently where remandees decided to strip naked protesting the release of two folks, Dharam Patel (26) and Nivan Patel (20) charged with drug-related crimes. It is sacrilegious to note that such crime’s committed by crime stoppers.
To prove our point, apart from using what transpired in Arusha recently, we’ll adduce more examples to show how racism’s been covertly and overtly institutionalized. Refer to tax holidays many foreign investors enjoy in a begging hunk.  The minister responsible for revenues has more discretion than he or she needs as if this hunk’s his or her mother’s. I've nary heard anywhere the minister of dosh offering any tax reprieve to hoi polloi. What’s going on? Does it mean that these overprotected investors are in bed with our biggies so as to be allowed to exploit us and get away with it? Those thinking I’m fabricating this should refer to the now-famous tendency whereby investors change the names of their biz after every five years in order to get more tax holidays. You can refer to oft-name changers such as Sheraton, Movenpick, Kempinski and many more. 
As this goes on, our paupers are overtaxed so as to feel the pinch as it recently occurred in Kibaigwa where coolies decided to square it with their Member of Parliament, Job Nduguy, whom we’re told narrowly survived a beating from them. So too, you can refer to how our Matching guys aka wamachinga are brutalized by City militia in Dar and other cities and town. While this is going on particularly in Dar, Indian dukawallahs enjoy maximum protection. They pose in their National Housing houses and laugh at the exercise of humiliating our jobless youths. Why harassing Chingas while we’re the ones who created their unnecessary predicaments? Chingas’ situation's doom and gloom so to speak. What adds up to Chingas’ pangs and twangs is the mantra of saying that our govt’s there to deliver Better Life for All. Who’s this all if our Matching guys are always crucified as if they’re aliens in their hunk? Isn't this divide and rule or Lugardism as it used to be known at colonial times?
I, for one, see no freedom or the state of being free for boozers who can be maltreated in their own hunk while aliens are protected. Jobless people are not free especially when they try to make ends meet and meet with mgambos and their beatings and robberies. This can’t be the life of a guy who’s been independent for over five decades. While this goes on, Idd Simba, former Trade Minister, tells us that the economy of the hunk is in the hands of just ten Indian businessmen and we treat this just as a normal thing! Are we okay really? I’m trying to imagine. If such’s the situation in India, what’d happen? I’m asking this not out of ignorance. Nay, when I look at how Africans known as Jarawa are maltreated in Indian Andaman Island where they’re used for tourism just like beasts, I feel that such revelations would cause a blood spill. Yes, let’s face it. Our systems are discriminating against boozers. Refer to what’s been going on for decades vis a vis National Housing houses. In areas like Kariakoo and Posta, almost all occupants of these houses are from Asia. Why? Isn't this racism?
There are yet more examples. Most of humongous dealings in Dar are run by the same people not to mention the same people being behind many mega deals and corruption involving our top dogs in the upper echelons of power. Refer to Vithlani, a criminal behind the hike of fake and defective radar and presidential jet. Refer to Chavda’s scam of billions of shillings and the just recent scandal of illegally exporting over 130 live animals via KIA by Kamran Ahmed whom we’re told was granted bail and jumped it. Was he alone? Nope. One Ladislausie Komba, former permanent secretary in the ministry responsible was mentioned to be in cohorts with Kamran. Do you know what happened? Mr. President appointed him ambassador. And that was the end of the chess.
The space doesn't allow a missive. In sum, I sense that we’re institutionalizing racism against our own brethren as we favour Martians.
Source: The Guardian May 25, 2014.

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