Monday, 12 May 2014

The politics of the dead and the ghosts

What’s in my toolbox today? Methinks. It's a tale of tales of the politics of the innocent dead, ghosts, self-seekers, tricksters, quacks and whatnot. Call it doom and gloom sort of thing. When mzee Mchonga passed on, I did nay think he’d keep on re-surface now and then in our political backdrop. Hearing a slew of cleaned out politicos calling his name to help them betray his legacy’s itself a saga-cum-showbiz. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.
Shamelessly and pointless, there’s evolved a clique of bankrupt politicos who’d like to get away with it by simply invoking Mzee Mchonga’s name. Such pretenders say that they follow Mzee Mchonga’s teachings while they actually tarnished and soiled his legacy pointlessly.
If you want to know healthy or insalubrious politicos just listen to what they say about Mzee Mchonga. Vile politicos like to entreat his name when they flop to put their skinny points across. You’ll hear them saying, “Mchonga told me this and that.” Go tell it to the birds.  Mchonga didn’t tell you anything except that you’re either wolves in sheep’s clothing who’d nary declare your, or explain how you got your riches. We know those whom Mchonga told to your faces that you’re politically impotent and dirty to become so and so in the hunk. How’d he while you’re not even able to get closer to him due to your dirty and dupery?  Do you remember when he asked people dashing for ikuluu he equated with robbers’ den  in Matthew 21:13 what they were up to?
Essentially, Mchonga’s for those who scratch the crust to earn a living. So, such earthlings are the ones supposed to tell us what Mchonga told or taught them due to the fact that they've remained faithful to his teachings of equality and self-reliant so as to be able to pay tax to feed and fatten sick and decadent politicos. If there must be any consideration in delivering this hunk, such paupers are supposed to be considered in the game of deceit in mjengoni that involves billions of dosh aka madafu. You've turned greed to be our national creed pointlessly. Shame on you!
Interestingly, when the razzmatazz such insane politicos tell hold no water, switch gears. They start threatening everybody even insects and beasts. They spit fire where they’re supposed to talk sense. You’ll hear them saying that if their wishes are not granted, the hunk would become ungovernable.  They make such abhorring noises almost the whole term they’re in power. That’s what they’re good at. They deliver not. If they do, what they deliver is themselves but not those that entrusted them their office. When they congregate in mjengoni, that very building that looks like a basket to mean people using it to print dosh, they complain after their headless and fictive interests are attacked or threatened. They complain like what doctors call status drammaticus or the sick person who likes complaining even for small ailments.
So those pretending to be the custodians of Mchonga’s huggermuggers are but fibbers. How can honchos and pillars of corruption be Mchonga’s confidants? The truth of the matter is: such liars are invoking the dead as they hunker for survival after finding that the hoi polloi know their dark sides. I recently heard Joni Komba hollering that he’ll go to the bushes to see to it that he topples the govt shall boozers consent to three-tier govt.  To get away with it he said that he knew that mzee Mchonga died believing in two-tier govt namby-pamby. If you ask him how he knew, he’ll end up threatening you or calling you names. Being a man of mettle, I’d like to meet such self-seekers in the hunk and tell him what I feel and know about their lies and ill-gotten wealth. I know of those whose secondary schools with Malawian names were financed with dosh stolen from poor Malawians. Seriously, if Joni is a man enough let him go wherever. Amechelewa.
If I could have one on one opening with such charlatan, I’d tell him to do the right thing, stop insulting mzee Mchonga. It is thus, my humble opinion that Mzee Mchonga shouldn’t be associated with such rampant corruption, nepotism, nihilism and mendacities which are now looming large. This is a tall order. Thus, I’d submit clearly that I’m going to see to it that this tall order is honoured. Do they think I’ll stop dead in my tracks after hearing their noises?  They do what they do their own way as if others don’t see. They pretend to be mzee Mchonga’s amigos. Phew! How’d a leader of paupers dine with such robbers in swanky ego? If mzee Mchonga’d to come again would tell us to fear such bi-legged creatures more than leprosy.
After getting tired of such abhorring skinny politics of the ghosts and dead, I decided to write this piece so that all boozers can beware of them. We need to tell point blank.  We know their deceits even if they use the dead who tell no stories. They’d be ashamed of exploiting the dead. Komeni kuwasingizia wafu na siasa zenu mfu.
Source :ThisDay May 12, 2014.

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