Sunday, 29 May 2016

Boozers Want Special Seats Rescinded

What boozers evidenced recently has forced them to say something.For  the first time, boozers are representing themselves after finding their so-called representatives aren't saying what boozers want them to say in the Mjengo.
For example, one fyatu MP alleged that some Special Seat Members of Parliament (SSMPs) are somebodies’ babies to mean they got ulaji through their undies.
So, too, we heard some SSMPs giving a shit the fyatu that called them babies simply because they’re carried on some bigwigs’ shoulders to get where they’re.
Thanks to turning the august house into Mwenge daladala-bus station like, instead of talking about boozers’ glitches, MPs embarked on mipasho for free.
The Mjengo’s become another sort of a fashion, if not, insult pageant. After the powers that be found that such waywardness has become an in-thing, it decided to suspend live coverage of the biz of the Mjengo saying that it was expensive; and that it lulled boozers to waste time watching instead of working.
Again, whether the issue here’s cost or what’s covered or what’s covered up depends on how you look at the whole hooey.
If the thing’s being cost conscious, boozers think, those concerned would have underscored the fact that much dosh is unnecessarily spent on earthlings that only represent their tummies under whatever pretexts including special seats. Are they special seats or special sets?
The other day I was perusing Jamii Forums (October 23, 2011) to find that it quoted the Swahili daily, Habari Leo that also quoted two female MPs saying that sexual briberies are prevalent in our systems including special seats. One of those quoted was Hilda Ngoye (CCM) who said that sexual bribe is rife in the ranks.
The paper went on quoting Margreth Mkanga (CCM) as saying, “What Ngoye said is very correct, there is sexual bribery even for members of parliament. But it also exists in other sectors apart from politics.
People want leadership while they know they have no qualifications and its results they decide to use their bodies.” Such damning words are from the horse’s mouth. So, boozers, such revelations are true and reliable as far as sexual bribery is concerned in our hunk. What truth do we want other than this from the victims themselves?
I’m not making this up. Sexual bribery is rampant in the hunk. This is why unqualified people are appointed to the positions to which they lack merit. How many judges, DCs, RCs, among others, to mention but a few, whom you know?
Sometimes, we need to accept the truth by looking at the problem in eyes instead of ballyhoos and living in a state of denial. I know this truth’s bitter to swallow. To do away with such undesirable situation, boozers think we’d abolish special seats that are now subject to controversy and ridicule.
It’s shameful for the hunk that’s been independent for over five decades to still have preferential seats. Allowing females to become dependent on preferential seats, apart from abusing and misusing them, doesn’t help them.
Instead, it belittles them so much that some fyatus get the ruse of deriding them. Apart from saving public funds, abandoning special seats will force our hunk to create an equal and equitable system of competition between both genders.
By the way, whom are the SSMPs representing apart from those who enabled them to land such ulaji and their own tummies? For, as far as boozers say, there are women, youths, and whatnots–they portend to represent–in the constituencies that are represented by MPs who went through the ballot box.
Additionally, even MPs appointed by Mr Head are representing nobody except their tummies and he who offered them such ulaji.
Just imagine, how much dosh we’re going to save if we rescind controversial Special Seats. How much do we spend on their salaries, remunerations, yum-yum and their oil guzzlers while they’re representing nobody?
To boozers, keeping SSMPs is nothing but to undeservedly have a big government. So, too, rescinding SSs will avert the controversy and dislike such seats invoke before boozers’ eyes who pick up the tab. Who wants do-nothing MPs who represent nobody but themselves?
Suffice to say, recent to-do about SSMPs must act as a reminder that boozers don’t see any logic in retaining such seats of ulaji wa dezo. We must empower ladies so that they can ably compete with dudes instead of duping them with SSs to end up asking sexual bribery from them though not all.
Source: Guadian.

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