Sunday, 8 May 2016

When suited beggars expel ragged ones

          Currently, in Bongo, beggars are feeling the heat after the regional boss Po Makonda–a former beggar himself–decided to turn the tables on them. Let me clarify before being accused of disrespecting his excellence Makonda who once admitted before the cameras that he once used to beg for leftovers when he’s at college. To jog the mind, please click this link Ama kweli nyani haoni nonihino lake! What a holier-than-thou mentality!
             For, Makonda, beggars are dirty; and they litter the cleanest City of Bongo. Ironically, while Makonda’s expelling innocent beggars pauperized by a corrupt and rotten system, the hunk’s renowned for its chronic-begging behavior. Its former head’s renowned for circumnavigating the globe begging. So, beggars we see in our cities and towns are the reflection of this image. It seems; Makonda’s forgotten his past. He’s forgotten the guy who used to say hi to cars.  Why doesn’t he learn from Dr Kanywaji, the son of a pauper?
             Boozers wonder if, he, too, will flash himself out of Dar. I heard one boozer suggesting that after beggars in suit are done with the ragged ones, maybe, they’ll take on boozers. So, this boozer wanted boozers to support beggars arguing and urging that the powers that be must first kick out all those who pauperized the earthlings who ended up becoming beggars. The fyatu didn’t mince words. He wants beggars in expensive suits and oil guzzlers being shown the door first.
            So, too, boozers think that filthiness in the city isn’t caused by beggars but corruption and poor city planning. They think they’re let down and left behind because of bad governance that’s forcing Dr Kanywaji to cleanse jipus. Again, boozers urge him to stop trusting winos who want to take them for a ride.
            When the order to rid Dar of panhandlers instead of majipu first came out, I first supported it little knowingly I may be the next casualty of this hoo-has. This being said, many boozers think that ragged beggars are not as dangerous as jipus and fisadis are. Their argument is logically simple that the dent to the hunk’s wellbeing ragged beggars cause is negligibly liminal compared to  the abysmal one suited beggars, drug barons, ghost workers, corrupt officials and the high and mighty in positions of powers that the CAG said rob trillions of dough.
            Boozers are stating it clearly; all those thinking about cleansing our beloved city of dubious dealmaking must first expel bigger beggars who authored beggarliness for failing to diligently and dutifully manage the economy and resources of their hunk endowed with colossal natural resources so as to make life meaningless and arduous. Their narrative’s crystal clear; stop witch-hunting and whitewashing. Face the basics of our problems-cum-troubles you created due to your myopia and selfishness. This informs Makonda and the like to start treating boozers like sane creatures but not halfwits.  For, they see the bigger picture bureaucrats don’t see. They think those involved in capital flight, stashing dosh in offshore banks, evading tax, offering tax holidays, entering bogus contracts,  raping the hunk and others must be shown the door first.  I heard one boozer saying that chaps like Jake Kiquette, Ben Makapi and others renowned for pauperizing boozers must be flashed first if Makonda is serious
             What he’s trying to do is as good as the monkey that doesn't see its butts. Ragged beggars are better than corrupt govt officials who steal billions so as to produce more paupers who end up becoming beggars.
            Boozers are smarter than other could think. They want rich hunk where our beggars in expensive suits go for begging to ban them so that they can experience what ragged beggars experience. When a beggar expels another, mark my words, there’s either a double standard or a problem. Let me ask candidly despite being drunk. Are foreign machingas–littering our streets doing petty biz our boozers can do–better than our pauperized beggars? Are our drug barons that poison our youths–better than beggars? Are conmen and women in cloths and whatnot better than innocent beggars? For you info Po, even New-York downtown and other developed cities have beggars despite living in donor hunks to our ever-begging hunk.
            In sum, our innocent and poor beggars don’t screw our coffers. Neither do they use oil guzzlers or cheat us that they’re rich while they’re poor just like our politicos who pretend to be clean while they actually are dirty. Our beggars beg; and take what they get to their families. They don’t stash anything in offshore banks like our politicos. Our beggars are trustworthy but not double-faced or inveterate ogres like those pretending to forget that they’re the products of their dirty work. They beg for coins while our biggies beg for briberies and kickbacks in billions if not trillions. Who’s more dangerous than another between the duos? Think twice fellas. Tutabanana hapa hapa.
Source: Guardian.

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