Sunday, 1 May 2016

Mugful, don’t reward failures and hangers-on

            After finding that touching base with the head boosted my ujiko, I decided to deal with many matters many don’t like to. Today I’m, once again, taking on Dr Joni Wine Mugful. I heard him so many times saying that whoever muddles somewhere shouldn’t be move to do the same to another place. Firstly when I heard him I wrongly thought he meant it. Maybe, he meant; and now, he seems to have forgotten if not being squeezed by the party.
            The other day when he fired Shy’s then newly appointed Regional Commissioner, Anae Malisera; I was ecstatic thinking he’s sending a stern warning to the rest. Again, when he contradicted himself saying Malisera would be assigned another job, I saw red. I, at the first glance, vowed to go and get some kanywaji and bang so that I’d muster the courage to confront; and tell him how he’s now contradicting himself.
            For us who know the history of Malisera and other failures, of course, we wondered why Dr Kanywaji appointed her along with other failures such as Amus Makalala, Matias Chikwawe and others who failed to secure nomination in Chama Cha Maulaji (CCM).
            Again, when it comes to non-politicos criminals or small guys, who mess, end up being fired if not being jailed. This is the bigger picture in which small fellas look like amojis before dudes that’ve connections that can fail or mess here and there yet get appointed. For us who know the history of this systemic rot, we trace it back to CCM. You can count how many Kiquette’s leftovers are in Dr Kanywaji’s regime simply because they’re either party brownnosers or the relative, children and friends of the high and the mighty in the hunk.
            I respect and like Dr Kanywaji. This is why I’m not afraid of telling him that these failures he appointed will fail him even more shall he cling unto them pointlessly. Why didn’t he learn from Malisera who just messed within 27 days of her appointment? Now I know. Many bootlickers and courtiers will pretend to work hard not to follow the rules but either to make Dr Kanywaji happy or save their ulaji. In so doing, laws and procedures will be negated so as to cause suffering to the boozers contrary to Dr Kanywaji’s drive of making them happy in their hunk.
            The other day I heard one of his lieutenants giving orders that all beggars in the Dar si Salaama should leave it as soon as possible as if he’s never been one himself. One thing I noticed about some bootlickers is the fact that when they speak, don’t remember what they said yesterday. This guy, Po Makondas is the same fella who stood in front of the cameras and said that he used to beg for leftovers when he’s in school. Isn’t this begging?  Our hunk is renowned for its begging habit. How’d do you expel beggars while you’re yourself the product of the same habit? Maybe, Makondas forgot that his cloner was a famous beggar–though in expensive suits–renowned to have circumnavigated the globe doing what beggars are doing.
            I’d urge those who want to humiliate poor beggars to first deal with rich beggars such as presidents, former presidents of whom I last week saw one begging for his Foundation. Here sometimes you wonder which beggar is expelling which one. If begging were a crime, the people of cloth aka wachunaji and mashehena would not get closer to Dar. How many do we’ve begging from paupers they dupe that they can reduce their suffering created by the govt while they add more pains and suffering? Don’t you see them driving expensive toys; and living large while their victims (flocks) are becoming poorer and poorer?
            Dr Kanywaji, our hunk has over 40 million binadams. Why’d bother with a few recycled politicos while we’ve a lot of fellas that are ready to work diligently and trustworthily? I know Dr Mugful’s sponsored by the CCM. Again, after being at the helms, you need to define yourself. Many boozers have always complained about deconstructing and reconstructing the whole system of governing the hunk. They’ve always shouted at the top of the lungs that you resume ethics in public service.  One of the ways of deconstructing our endemic nihilism is stop appointing to, or reassigning failures other duties. The culture of moving a thief after stealing from one place to another must come to an end shall we aspire to forge ahead as a hunk of sane and serious binadams. We need to stop such political bootees and libations as we kick out those who’ve sipped one too many of it.
Source: Guardian.

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