Sunday, 8 May 2016


Psalm of the Oppressed

Psalm of the Oppressed is satire that uses sheep and hyenas to show exploitative relationships among people. It lampoons political corruption based on nepotism, greed, cronyism, egoism and myopia. Some strategies are introduced which all oppressed people can apply to bring about change. For, example, the book admonishes all those oppressed to cultivate the culture of doubting and questioning things instead of accepting them hook, line, and sinker. It questions the status quo that seems to reconcile the oppressors and the oppressed without the former redressing the latter. Most importantly, the book seeks to challenge colonialism based on foreign culture, beliefs and systems that felled the ways of life of the oppressed. Essentially, the book champions the oppressed to seek their manumission through toppling the status quo.


Anonymous said...

That must be very good and attractive to read! Tutapataje?

NN Mhango said...

Asante Anonymous. Unaweza kununua online. Google kitabu utaona bei tofauti na unaweza kuagiza.