Saturday, 21 May 2016

Mugful: Boozers need their houses back

            Since getting at the helms, with his crown jewels, “Hapa Kazi Tu” slogan and “Boil Cleansing” philosophy, President Dr. John ka-Drink Mugful’s credibly attracted many boozers who seem to cotton onto his style of doing things; however not all. They rely on and trust him to deliver them from the abyss of corruption that our hunk has become after mzee Mchonga exited politics over three decades ago. This became evident after Mugful stated seriously that he’d not make do with graft, nihilism, and other vices that bedogged the hunk for over three decades. The oft-made vows in his speeches show him as a no-nonsense person. Here’s the thing. Nowadays, the mere mention of his name scares the pants off of corrupt officials. The la-di-da way of doing things boozers were used to seems to have changed now. This is why boozers hope that he’ll remedy them by retrieving their houses fisadis took.
                Despite doing all wonderful things, Mugful still has some skeletons in the closet, especially; arguably, boozers’ houses that Dungong Ben Makapi robbed. We all know that when these houses were grabbed, Mugful was in the cabinet. Thus, he is a part and parcel of the whole crime. Boozers think that by that time he didn’t have wherewithal to stop the deal as a mere minister. Dr. Mugful can simply tell all he knows about house grabbing even if doing so would implicate him. By doing so, he’ll prove his innocence so as to be pardoned so that he can go on taking on these who actually engineered and executed the scheme.  Moreover, to do away with this imbroglio, Mugful needs to make sure that all Political mongrels, morons, Godzillas and humanzees are behind bars after all ill-gotten wealth in their hands being confiscated. He’d do away with CCM’s shibboleth and hanky-panky of huyu ni mwenzetu. These houses that Mkapa’s regime robbed us were built by our back-breaking labour though were robbed under the veneer of their ephemeral power. They robbed our houses like nobody’s business while they knew how many public workforces don’t have enough and worthy accommodation.
            Surely, Mugful know the whole saga. Boozers think that this childish theft offends him so as to abhor it. Boozers know too well; when this crime was committed, Mugful was there. Again, he didn’t have guts or power constitutionally to take on it. Boozers know. He was aggrieved when he witnessed this criminality. Now that he’s power and what it takes, they think: It is suitable time for Mugful to prove how trustworthy and clean he is. Why should he dog and dent his reputation protecting stupid, myopic, greedy and venal rulers who didn’t see the future despite the fact that the writings were on the wall for them to read? Everybody will carry his cross. These thieves are lucky. If mzee Mchonga were still alive, I’m sure they’d not have succeeded in grabbing our houses as easy as they did.
            Though boozers are not trying to test his mettle, they still remember how he’s oft-asked everybody to furnish him with info so that he can take on graft. This is the info. Boozers are mincing no words. They plainly and quickly need their houses that Mkapa’s venal regime robbed. They know and trust Dr Mugful that he’ll return their house. He’s been in the upper echelons of power for over 20 years. He, thus, knows everything. Boozers know that Mugful knows the number of the houses, where they are and who allocated them to themselves and the throw-away prices they paid in this theft. Boozers’ houses are the very visible boils for Dr Mugful to pierce and clean kavu kavu without looking at the faces or size of the monkeys behind this criminality. That day I’ll be the happiest to hear him giving stats on the number, size and state of the said house.
As he braces himself to take and bring boozers’ houses back, Mugful should do the following:
            1) He must make public his plans about retrieving all houses that were vended illegally throughout the hunk.
            2) He’d form a taskforce that’ll look into the whole issue and come up with findings and proposals that will also be made public.
            3) He’d make sure that all culprits are charged under the sabotage of economy law without looking at their standing in the society.
            4) The names of the culprits should be made public by being gazette in all media.
            5) He’d not offer any clemency whereby culprits to relinquish the said houses just like Kiquette did to his EPA colleagues.
            Today we’re not going to write a missive a usual. Instead, we are going to research as to how many houses were grabbed and who grabbed them so that we can furnish Dr Mugful with the info he’ll use to top up to what he’s already have to take on these kumbaffs.
Source: Guardian.

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