Friday, 11 November 2011

African gay Penguins! Africa must enact pro-gay laws!

African penguins Pedro (R) and Buddy interact with each other at the Toronto Zoo in Toronto November 8, 2011. The Toronto Zoo announced they will separate the penguins after zookeepers noticed behaviour denoting a gay relationship between the two, and pair them with females to help preserve the endangered species. Pedro and Buddy will be reunited after mating with other female penguins.

Are these Penguins real African Penguins or they have became African after the zookeepers noticed that they have some gay behaviours just the same way the British Government wants African government to behave? I am wondering if at all this is the way of exporting homosexuality to Africa or just mere cultural attacks.
After telling African government to enact laws favouring gays, thereafter, the pressure will be exerted to telling African governments to enact law prohibiting dogs to sleep outside houses.
God, where on earth are we heading for? Colonialism? Imperialism? Nihilism? Mental slavery? Sexism? Megalomania? Bulimia? Someone help me out there.


Thomas Gamble said...

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