Friday, 29 November 2013

Did Zitto author his own obituary-cum-dirge?

Though it's still early to write a dirge or obituary for former Deputy General Secretary of Chama cha Maendeleo na Demokrasia (CHADEMA) Zitto Kabwe (MP), it's close to call. Looking at the heavy, stinky, messy and hot soup Kabwe's in; my crystal ball tells me I’d do. Though I’m not writin' the obituary even the dirge. Others can do.
Today I’m addressin' the whole fracas CHADEMA is in. Refer to the hype-touted, “the Kitilya-Zitto-Mwigamba dossier. I don’t want to lawyer anybody or judge anyone. Looking at the look of the things I must say, Zitto's history as far as membership in CHADEMA is concerned. I've a number of reasons to believe so.
Firstly, Mkumbo’s self-inculpatory confession, if anything, put the last nail in Zitto’s political coffin. By admitting they wrote the dossier that aimed at placing Zitto in power illegally and covertly, the trio committed what Indians call suttee. Kitila said he saw nothing wrong with his dossier then he confessed to have authored the dossier. He went a mile ahead apologizing. If you see nothing wrong with your dossier, what are you apologizing for in the first place?
Again, why did Mkumbo and Zitto want to resign from their position if they felt and understood that they committed no sin? When the politburo sensed their ploy and attempt to resign honourably, it axed them so that they’d go down dishonourably. I know Zitto’s fans and sympathizers are asking: Will our hero survive? Zilch, by all means and possibilities.
The other day when I read some headings saying that Kitila-Zitto axis would spill beans I waited anxiously to find that instead of spilling beans, the duo were too apologetic and beaten. If anything, such an expected U-turn forced speculators to say that the guys were now done. It means. They’d no beans to spill after theirs were spilled by CHADEMA bigwigs who caught the trio with their “pants down.” What else can you expect out of such desperate situation whereby the suspects are as good as cadavers? Done deal uh!
Two weeks before the moment of truth surfaced for the duo, I penned a piece asking Zitto to live up to his words. It's as if I knew what’s coming. I’m not a con astrologer to say that I saw it in my books. It's coincidental that I said what would happen before long. I take no credit save that I’m happy that I can see the future however accidentally and vague as it may seem.
Let me delve into the dossier that showed Zitto and Kitila the door. When cornered, the vulture cries eagle. So too, when Mkumbo was cornered he said that Zitto wasn’t aware of the dossier! Does it cross the mind even that of the dove? If he didn't know the said dossier why didn't he distance himself from it when he met the media? What does this mean really? Does it mean that Mkumbo-Mwigamba gang wanted to use Zitto or vice versa? So what?
Why people think that it’s easy to jump a smoking gun? How can you conceal your courtship to the girl you're intending to marry? Who wants to fool who hither? Let me say it clearly and loudly. Zitto knew everything. This is why he didn't and he can't recant the dossier. Moreover, CHADEMA’s been so tolerant and patient pointlessly for long. Time to act's now and now's the time to act decisively for once and for all. Dude set a precedent that political opportunism and prostitution don't pay.If they do, he who banks on them commits political suttee as it is in this saga-cum-case.
Anyway, when Zitto faced the media, he avoided eleven charges placed against him. Instead, he gerrymandered about ho-haa and other bull-cock tales. Why? Was there anything sinister Zitto didn’t want us to know? Again, this is not my question. It's the question that CHADEMA lawyer, Tundu Lissu asked when he faced the media to reciprocate to Zitto-Mkumbo face-the-media opportunity that took place a day before.
 Although much has been said, one might still ask,: If Mkumbo Dossier aimed at enabling CHADEMA to win why did the author turned it into a top secret involving only a select few? How can you help a party by concealing the strategy from it?
In my piece on asking Zitto to live up to his words I advised him to quit active politics and do the job he loves, teaching. It's time I give him more wisdom nuggets that if he still wants to be in the game, he’d follow Warrid Kaboro. Return back home to CCM that's said to be using  him. Again, does it make sense to cry for the milk one spilled thanks to his myopia, greed and rush?
In sum, Zitto deservedly got what he asked for. Mwana mkaidi. Though insanity will dictate that Zitto’s facing his Waterloo due to religionism, regionism and whatnot, the truth's the he authored his obituary-cum-dirge. Will he evolve from the ash? Perhaps. It amounts to miracles, miracles, miracles ad infintum.
Source: Business Times Nov., 29, 2013.

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