Saturday, 30 November 2013

Who is fooling who hither?

We recently heard them bickering over many things. One of those many things was  or Coalition of Willing (COW) that's made of Kenya Rwanda and Uganda as opposed to Burundi DRC and Tanzania. After  many theatrics and ho-haa now we are told that East African Countries are together as one. Is this possible or some are just buying time? We recently evidenced Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudanese and Uganda's president inaugurating Railway project that will unite their respective countries. Burundi and Tanzania stated categorically that what the COW plus South Sudan were doing were against EAC Protocol. Before long we are now witnessing the signing of East Africa Monetary Union Protocol. Again, who is taking who for a ride? We are used to such ballyhoos by our politicos trying to severally serve individual interests such as one of them becoming the first EAC president after being in power in his country for decade. Another dictator who has lorded it over his people would like to avoid being toppled by  the tribe he kicked out and the other one is trying to dump his landless people while his family and he sits on the land as bigger as Nyanza Province in Kenya.

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