Sunday, 1 December 2013

What boozers say about Eddie Lowassa

No doubt. Eddie Lowassa, the former big minister’s, for wrong reasons, become the biblical Paul who used to persecute the disciples of Jesus before he later on decided to join Jesus after realizing that he couldn't beat him.
Like Paul whose repentance’s always remained controversial for those who bother to think and question, all of the sudden, Eddie’s become a vocal advocate for the hoi polloi he forgot when he was in ulaji.
I got it from our swallow joint that boozers are wary of him. You know what? Boozers aren't normal earthlings when it comes to tell what’s at heart. The other day when we’re swallowing one boozer who answers to the name Domokaya said, “Guys, have you heard what Eddie Lowassa said recently?” The other boozer asked, “What did he say?” Domokaya replied, “He said that the establishment’s afraid of making hard decisions.” He went on, “He said that the hunk must have three priorities shall it deserve to forge ahead namely employment, educational and infrastructural policies.”
“Wow! This is spiffy!  May be one of the hard decisions the establishment feared to take is jail him.”  Another boozer chipped in.
Another boozer chipped in saying, “Goof not my friend. These criminals will always sheath their accomplices. Eddie knows this too well. That’s why he’s the guts of saying whatever he wants.”
As the kanywaji started to climb upstairs, the topic took a different turn. Boozers started to question Eddie’s “good” intention for the paupers he crucified in Richmonduli mega scam. They asked: Why does he pretend to love the hoi polloi while he vended them to Richmonduli so as to cause power rationing and power hike? Given that I love Eddie, I tried to defend him saying that when he’s in ulaji, he’d not see. For, Ulaji always intoxicate those enjoying it.
Gosh! It’s as if I provoked bees!  Boozers took on me as if I were Eddie or Joni Komba who offered to run errand for Eddie saying he’s the only one fits to run for presidency come next elections.
One boozer told me to my face saying, “If Eddie and you think that we’re stupid and crazy, you must be wrong. If anybody or group makes mistakes to appoint him to run for ulaji, will regret this decision. We've so many clean and able people who can sit in the office of president and deliver.”
Another boozer added, “Has Eddie sent you to come here and dupe us? How much did he pay you?”
Another boozer said, “Why doesn't Eddie accept the fact that Mchonga’s curse’s haunting and eating him up? We’ll see if he’s going to make it. I swear in the name of my bull. Eddie will end up in frustrations like Joni Malisela believe ye me.”
Sensing the danger of antagonizing myself with boozers, I decided to keep mum and listened to their salvos.
 After keeping quiet, one boozer joked saying, “Go tell your Eddie to come here and offer kanywaji and offal. We’ll eat his offer and offer him our ‘verbal offal’ right here and right in the ballot box.”
Generally speaking, boozers have many questions of which are, why doesn't Eddie want to talk about allegations that he amassed wealth illegally? Also, they’d like to know what Eddie expect to get from the dosh he’s currently offering generously to many groups, especially religious projects.
If I were Eddie, or let me put it this way. If I were to offer Eddie nuggets of wisdom, I’d argue him to come clean on the allegations he faces first. Thereafter, I’d tell him to tell how he made the dosh he’s offering currently. Again, given that I’m not Eddie, mine’s to report my findings. Methinks doing so will help him to do the right thing boozers are asking for.
Boozers might be regarded stupid and stony. But again, they know many things. Save that those supposed to listen to them are ignoring them for their peril.
 To understand what I mean, I found that boozers are querying Eddie’s move of attacking the establishment while he, at the same time, seems to be in bed with it. For instance, they asked why Eddie said that presider Jake Kiquette’s afraid of taking hard decisions while at the same time he praised him for dishing out some billions for his projects in his constituency.
One of the boozers tried to tackle this question jokingly saying that politics is as good as prostitution whereby what matters isn't the person but his pocket. Given that presidency’s become a money-making venture, Eddies offers his dosh today so that he can get it back after being given ulaji. He gives one and reaps billions.
Before signing off I must elaborate what boozers said. In sense, they’re saying that they won’t allow another Richmonduli to happen. To do so, they’re saying that they’ll give Eddies a raw deal to reciprocate to the one he once gave them. They added that they don’t want any power rationing and hiking which they say are Eddie’s hallmarks. So too, they maintained that he’d come clean on all allegations from Richmonduli to Mchonga’s.
Knowing how busier Eddie always is, I better wind up hither waiting to urgently hearing from him.
May I present my report.
Source: Thisday Dec., 2, 2013.


Jaribu said...

I hope boozers stick to their guns, otherwise the specter of the country being led by another inept swindler will be too much to bear.

Boozers must know that the ball is in their court. If they are willing to be beguiled by a steaming rice platter with a smattering of beef, they will be in for another spell of depressing poverty and economic stagnation. Or they can tell the crooks to take a hike and elect someone who can and will do something for them.

If they don't, it will be another ten years of "It is the will of God" lamentations when they could have changed the course of history themselves.

NN Mhango said...

Jaribu you are right. It depends on boozers to make sane decision in lieu of banking on usage and sweet words. Our crooks know boozer too well whilst boozer don't know our crooks very well.

Anonymous said...

If Tanzanians elect this thief cum-religious devil in the name of the shameful resigned head prefect, then its a best measurement that, we Tanzania have our mind on leave. Imagine of a person who stole your good smelling stuff in the name of dosh, then from nowhere comes and asks you for a 5 years term in the ikulu. Surely if you support him wholeheartedly, there will something wrong with your head. Probably you have ceased your brain into real unpalatable porridge. I vehemently urge Tanzanians to look at Ngoyayi with an analytical eye, he is the anacondest of all,let the heaven break if they may!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NN Mhango said...

You are dead right. It seems that those crooks know and think that the heads of our people have long been grounded as far as thinking is concerned. I, for one, don't see any quality whatever in Eddie Lowassa even Freddie Sumaye. Again, given that CCM is the gang of thugs anything can happen shall their science of uchakachuaji be applied and shall the people not take to the streets to see to it that those thieves are not getting away with it.