Sunday, 8 December 2013

If Mandela were to attend his own funeral

Though the heading talks about an impossible, it makes us think. I am trying to imagine what would happen had the late Nelson Mandela, the world moral beacon would attend his funeral. Surely, if this were to happen, there are some hypocrites he'd throw out of this important ceremony. I don't think that those who branded him a terrorist would be welcomed. I am sure the type of the man that Mandela was would not allow such betes noix to come and enjoy his special day. I am trying to imagine what would the late Margret Thatcher, former UK premier say had this happened not to mention her comrade Ronald Reagan. So too, I am trying to think about what would happen to many African thieves in power who are going to attend. To me mourning Mandela or attending his funeral is not a big deal. A big deal is to emulate him and fight all vices he fought. Racism, corruption, wars, bad governance, power hunger and whatnot are still around and those partaking them are attending the funeral of the man. What an irony! I used to believe that there are no miracles under the sun. It is next to a miracle to see sinners tend the graveyard of saints. African sage has it that when the lion dies rats can easily eat its skin without any fear. If anything, this is what will happen on 15th  in Qunu where some monkeys under the guise of power will congregate alongside true leaders like Barack Obama to bade farewell to the icon of the world Nelson  Mandela aka David Motsmayi.
Hamba kahle, lala ngoxolo Diba.
Re Ya Dumedisa tata.

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