Sunday, 15 December 2013

Nope: Bite but not bark or back off

Surprise, surprise, is at it again! Nope Ninaye Chama Cha Maulaji (CCM)’s chief spin doctor’s a top dog by all standards. However, boozers see him as lapdog that wants to act like a watchdog to no avail. Evidence? His history, especially, when reference’s made to how he once took  Eddie Ewassa  (former Big Minister who’d to hit the road after being water tightly implicated in Richmond scam) head on to end up dwarfed with tail between legs in leaps and bounds.
Nope’s always full of controversies and surprises.  Being a party’s top dog and a spin doctor, he recently had a bone to pick with some ministers whom he referred to as “a burden” in President Jake Kiquette’s cabinet.  Even though, boozers see Nope as a barking-lapdog.  Again, is it bad for a dog to take many roles such as biting dog, barking dog, toothless dog, lapdog, watchdog, humble dog, sleeping dog,” tail-wagging” dog and whatnot to make his master happy? Again, how is this done by defying the logic of dog does not eat dog?
Naturally, a dog’s known for its folly and theatrics when it comes to making his master happy. Differently from a cat, a dog can do anything his master wants him to. Samuel Butler once said,The great pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself too.” Who’s Nope fooling by fooling himself?
Forget about dog’s analogue. Nope’s recently quoted as saying that ministers Drs. Shcool Kawa-dog (Knowledge and Vocational Training), and Bill Ngimua(Dosh and Economic Affairs) and Chris Chiiiza (Farming, Yum yum Security and Cooperatives) and  his deputy Adam Milima are supposed to face the CCM Central Committee (CC) to show cause why they’d not be shown the door.
Politics is a very interesting game. Nope’s outbursts were taken seriously by his fans who think he’s brave and loves our hunk. To the contrary, detractors think he’s but a toothless- though-barking dog that’s looking for cheap popularity or master’s attention if not to try to settle scores with his enemies. Again, what did Nope aim at achieving if at all history shows that he’s been barking but nothing’s ever come out of his noises as we’ve seen in Ewassa’s saga?
 Those who know Nope, the son of former famous-party cadre, weren't shocked to hear his noises. Such people see him as the guy looking for more ulaji. They see no reasons to bark while he can actually bite by accessing president and tell him what he thinks is the best thing to do. Again, sympathizers think Nope’s inculcated a new paradigm shift of taking on the high and mighty head on.  If Nope’s precedent is applied, the high and mighty can display their dirty laundry in the agora for earthlings to enjoy if not to learn who’s dirtier than another.
Nope stole thunder when he took on Ewassa. No sooner had Nope took on Ewassa than he’s told to keep off and back off. For, Ewassa said that his friendship with Kiquette was firmer than Nope thought. He boasted that he (Ewassa) and Kiquette didn’t meet on the roadside. Thus, their friendship was unshakably stronger and forever. If anything, this was but the end of Nope’s brouhahas and he didn’t bother to stand his ground and defend his name and position. That’s that. Will this be repeated in the current tussle?
Again, let’s clinically dissect the performance of the accused ministers. Starting with Kawa-dog, no doubt, everybody knows how he messed and he’s still messing with his ministry. Refer to how 80% of form four students who sat for national examination failed. As if it’s not enough, when Kawa-dog’s told to hit the road, he shamelessly came up with poor defense averring that he’s not the one who sat for the said examination! Given that Kawa-dog’s connected, he stayed put and nothing happened despite the fact that his ministry went on performing even poorer than before. Again, who cares if politicians can do their experiments on the heads and minds of our vitegemezi national wide? Go hang if you hate this. Those who said that our hunk belongs to top dogs were right. Otherwise, Kawa-dog’d have been history.
Let me briefly touch on other ministers. Ngimua’s been cooking economic statistics and feeding them to us. He failed to explain how he’d see to it that all stolen-and-stashed-abroad money will be reclaimed. He, too, failed to deal with EPA scandal.  As for Milima, he’s proved to be another heck when it comes to breaking the rules. Again, given that he’s one of the untouchable-sacred cows, who’s Nope to ask for his sacking? Refer to how he’s robbed in Morogoro and found with heavy weaponry pointlessly.
As for Chiiiza, Nope’d this to say, “I heard him saying that I lack wisdom! What wisdom in the first place?” He added, “Secretary General and I have toured many districts in the hunk. Complaints from farmers who make 80% of Bongolalalamders are all over the place.”  Ironically, Nope used the media to admonish Chiiiza and the likes to avoid using the media to air their views. Well, well. Nyani haoni nonihino lake au vipi?

Nope, please bite but not bark or do both if you can.
Source: Thisday Dec., 16, 2013.

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