Sunday, 29 December 2013

Well done MPs though you too have to go

          Ripples and tremors of the sacking of some ministers can be felt all over the hunk. Boozers, just like other citizens and villagezens, weren't left out in discussing the sacking. Though the Danganyikans seem to be convinced, boozers weren't. They’re still waiting for more mizigos to hit the road shall justice be served and be seen served.
The big minister, mzee Mizengwe Pinder left boozers baffled when he read President Jake Kiquette’s writ nullifying the appointments of former minors Emmy Nchiimbi, Matthew David Matthew, Veii Naoza and Hammie Kagasheki, boozers asked: What about you?
 Pinder’s quoted as saying, “All four honorable have accepted to step down and what convinced them to do so is that the institutions implicated are under their watch.” Well done. If this is the case then you too have to go. For those ministries are under your watch. After all, the MPs have already egged you on hitting the road saying you've failed miserably as far as delivering’s concerned. Other boozers say that even your boss should be shown the door under what lawyers call collective accountability. Are you ready sir? Does vicarious accountability end up with only sacked ministers?
One boozer left us baffled when he said that your boss and you too should go. The boozer said that he doesn't see any difference between what the sacked ministers did and what mzee Pinder and his boss have always done. In a simple parlance the boozer says that all should go so that we can start afresh.
Another boozer whom we call a gadfly chipped in saying that it is time for mizigo yote to go. Unfortunately though, he didn't specify which mizigos given that we've many mizigos for long time in our offices. Another one went berserk saying that even those ministers alleged to have forged their academic credentials should go. He reprimanded the mjengo for acting as a rubber stamp when it instructed other implicated ministers to weigh and decide their fate something they've squarely refused to do.
Our swallowing joint that day became another unofficial diet. For, almost everybody had something to air. There are those who said that even the hishimiwas are supposed to be kicked out given that they've always blessed all these crimes for long. One of the boozers pointed out that our mjengo is as guilty as those it has egged on to go. He asked why they've kept mum on the monies stashed abroad, Kagodamn, EpA and other stinking scandals.
Another queried the logic behind presider Jake’s sacking the ministers while he’s abroad eating yum yum.  Boozers are known for one thing, they tell the truth as it is. They call a spade a spade and name names openly and sincerely. Guess what. Can you believe that boozers still think that what’s going on is sanaa given that the whole outfit must go?  They openly aver that they need their hunk back. One boozer who likes to tease others says that he’s tired of love stories from mjengoni. He was referring to the scandal whereby one female hishimiwa said that every heshimiwa has a lover in the mjengo. He made us laugh when he said that the mjengo is not a love-making guest house. He reiterated that he voted for his representative to go to the mjengo to represent him but not to represent his libido. We all laughed till our eyes were all wet with tears. His artistic way of putting his point forced us to abandon our troubles that the heshimiwas cause us.
Mind you. This is the guy who once said that Mzigo Kabwela'd agitate for the formation of Mwisho wa Reli country where he thinks he’s loved pointlessly. He is the one who once advised me to make sure that when I’m elected president of the hunk I’d make sure that my wife becomes my vice president, my son prime minister and my brother the minister of defense.
Jokes aside, if we truly face it, though those sacked guys were hovyo, they've been made sacrificial lambs given that the whole thing’s a rotten lot. Now that its weakness has surfaced, what role do boozers play to see to it that all sitting ducks are shown the door? Suppose mzee Pinder and his boss stay put. Will we let them go on with experimental politics on us or force them out? For these guys betrayed our trust but not president’s or Pinder’s. Does it mean that we didn't learn from Richmonduli saga whereby one guy’s crucified to save others? To me this is bigger than Richmonduli.
Given that boozers are waiting to see what will follow, they’re insisting on seeing to it that all villains are shown the door. To them, this end of the year is the beginning of the end of impunity and false infallibility. They’re saying it expressly that kulindana mwisho this year.  Given that our hishimiwas have attempted to say that the king is naked, they too are naked. Therefore, we’d force all of them to go so that decent establishment can be formed. Why’d we waste time again and again while we boozers have power that we can employ to kick all those do-nothing heshimiwas hit the road.
Well done heshimiwas save that you too need to follow the suit.
Source: Thisday Dec., 30, 2013.

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