Sunday, 22 December 2013

Mob justice : When sheep take on jackals

          When one Chama Cha Maulaji (CCM)’s stalwart’s felled by an angry mob in MZA after being caught cold, boozers congregated in our swallowing joint to discuss this eventuality. Everybody’d his own take of this new awakening of ‘sheep’ taking on the ‘jackals’. “When prey turns against the predator, this is liberation,” one boozer said as he grinned like a Cheshire cat.
          News that some irate earthlings butchered Clement Mabiner spread like bush fire.  This killing’s high on agenda at boozers’ unofficial conference. There are those who were celebrating while others were baffled wondering how we've reached this diabolic stage in the ‘isle of peace’. Again, is our hunk still an isle of peace?
The sage’s it that if you live by sword you’ll surely die of sword. You can add. If you live by pistol you’ll die of stones, spear and fire like kibaka as it occurred in Ng’wanza recently. However you look at this fiasco, we need to rethink our way of doing things especially the way the biggies treat or maltreat boozers whom they've always thought are just sheep they can skin even alive. Though not all, some of our biggies have been using their positions to rob our paupers pointlessly.
How do you feel when you hear that somebody’s been felled simply because he forced boozers to reach at the apogee of saying: Enough is enough? Although what transpired in Ng’wanza may be treated as a passing cloud, if thuggery committed by the high and mighty isn't halted, believe me. Many’ll die in such circumstances. Again, why have we allowed ourselves to become a lawless and a merciless society? The answer’s simple. With all this man-eat-man megalomania, shall we not change, surely many’ll perish. How many high and mighty, we wrongly call leaders, lead in robbing our boozers?
It came to light that the late Mabiner’d grabbed a public land he intended to vend to an investor. Whether this is true or not, the message’s clear that there are some leaders amidst us who take boozers for a ride little knowing that things have changed dramatically and quickly. What transpired in Ng’wanza reminded me of the crimes committed by our politicos when they allocated our houses to themselves.  Alas, it reminded me of thuggish investment and profligacy that have been reported almost every day everywhere in our hunk. Now that those we used to rob are awake, should we go on with business as usual of stealing their property? Try to remember what transpired recently when UDA’s sold at a throwaway price. Try to imagine how they’re dragging their feet in dealing with money stashed abroad. Try to imagine how many politicos are selling public shangingis to themselves at  throwaway prices. Again, boozers know everything save that time for them to act’s what we can’t predict as it happened in Ng’wanza. So too, we need to reassess our take on gun issuance and control. The thing is. When somebody owns a gun he wrongly thinks that he acquires the power of humiliating and intimidating others little knowing that those he intends to humiliate and rob have more power than he wrongly thinks he’s.
We used to be taught in civic education that Chama Cha Ma-revolution's there to defend and protect paupers. What a lie! Since it’s hijacked by thugs and moneymakers,as Mwl Mchonga once put it,it became thuggish one that helps thieves and thugs in robbing the boozers.
Mabiner is history. His legacy lives on due to the fact that we still have many Mabiners who can terrorize our boozers as please without reckoning that the moment of truth’s already arrived. The late Nelson Mandela,the father of South African democracy, once said that if there is no food on the table, talks about democracy is madness. So applies to our clangor and slogan of peace and tranquility in our hunk. How can there be peace and tranquility midst robbery and venality? How can there peace and tranquility in the hunk that allows people to rob and spend without being questioned by the authorities as to how they made such dosh? Don’t we've people who go to bed paupers and wake up tycoons thanks to partaking criminal activities? Don’t we know them by names?
When Mandela’s asked as to why he committed treason against his government, he replied, “You’re the ones supposed to be behind bars for forcing us to do what we've done. Again, why should our policemen round up our people when they use mob justice while they're the ones who forced them to commit such  crimes? A good thing about boozers is: They know everything that’s been going on in the hunk. Their pent-up anger’s the only the thing those it is aimed can’t accurately predict even when seers warn them about it. If anything, such anger's eluded many if not all victims to-be who always daydream that they're smart while they actually are but blind zombies. Before meeting his fate even Mabiner thought he's tough and smarter than his butchers.When sheep decide to take on jackals and hyenas, watch out. Kaa chonjo saa mbaya. Mali ya umma licha ya kuuma sasa inaua.
Source: Thisday Dec., 23, 2013.


Anonymous said...

I had laughed to comatose when I saw a sheep for the 1st time in my life leading a section in the battlefield. I abruptly muted my useless voice when i corrected myself and found that a sheep carrying an ICBM was me! I hate to laugh on my own actions' Bravo, Sir Mhango.

NN Mhango said...

Many thanks Anon. Whatever infatuations you did enjoy the laughter however after musing you found that you;re laughing at yourself.
Alluta Continua!