Sunday, 8 November 2015

Bongo suffers from PPD malady

            In my last two weeks’ piece I extolled the hunk for conducting very placatory elections. However, they’re some issues I didn’t touch on due to the space limit. Today, I’m going to allude on those issues that our hunk is facing currently. I know. This won’t augur well with a section of our bin-Adams especially the high and the mighty. Bear with me. I like to do things in the way that pleases others even if it sometimes –accidentally –hurts others.  First of all, as a Psychedelician I must say it loudly and clearly that our hunk needs some remedies to do away with the current paranoia she suffers that we technically call Paranoid Personality Disorder (PPD).
Everybody knows –including insects and birds –that our hunk suffers from petty nationalism whereby people gang along ideological line while they suffer the same magnitude of disservice equally. Do landlords and landladies discriminate when they mess paupers’ lives demanding this and that simply because they’re living in their mabavu za mbwa? Another vice we suffer is superficiality whereby we want to make those who don’t know our true state of affairs believe we’re a peaceful hunk. Can a hunk puffing with reeking corruption be truly peaceful? Where do you put googly grafts such as EPA, Escrow, Richmond, Meremeta, UDA, SUKITA and others that sunk poor taxpayer’s billions of dosh? Can a hunk that loses revenues thanks to having a sitting-duck-like govt be truly peaceable? Do we really know the meaning of peace?
 Let me touch on another disease that has eaten us big time. We’re suffering from paranoia from which we fear “our enemies” real, unreal, manmade, womanmade [unspecified]). Before the general elections I heard some brain-dead specimens intimidating boozers claiming that if they vote for the opposition our hunk would become another Rwanda of 1994 or the recent Burundi if not Central African Republic (CAR). Truly, and unfortunately for the boozers, some bought in this fallacy for fear of the unknown.
Methinks. If we’re to truly fear, we’d have feared those who robbed us and spent the same dosh bribing us so that we can give them more yum-yum for more five years after ruining our lives big time. Again, whenever they feed us with their lies, we take them without a grain of salt! How many fisadis that Jimmy Rugemalayer gave the cuts returned to the house? Who voted for them if not pauperized boozers?  Let me say it clearly and loudly. Is it an insult to say that we are a sick hunk that believes in hoo-has as we fear torturing our brains to seek Truth that’d free us? Tell me. Is there any peace in Zenj now after Zenj Evading Commission (ZEC) annulled results without giving logical reasons?  This makes our so-called peace hypocritical hypothetically.
Well, some loudmouthed politicos used to say ours is a peaceable hunk. How if at all thugs and fisadis have held our hunk at ransom? Who’s bamboozling who here?  I don’t know if our brethren with albinism do enjoy this abunwas freedom at all? What of the elderly that are butchered every day and nothing is done to address this Satanism? I don’t think our farmers do enjoy the said peace by being loaned of their produces. What of the low-rank civil servants that are apprehended for receiving some peanuts while sharks steal billions and get away with murder? Do they think we’ve forgotten the bigwigs who forged their academic credentials?
 Ask our poor pregnant women who can be tortured by nurses and caregivers like the one Rhoda Bujiku whom Constancia John in Simiyu beat when she went to deliver. Do such Rhodas enjoy this make-believe peace? I don’t think students who sit on the floor are indeed enjoying this peace. What of the passengers that are oft-butchered due to traveling on substandard roads many swindlers construct poorly. Don’t the powers that be know this really? Where is this illusive peace really?
Going back to PPD, I found that our paupers fear the unknown unbeknownst that the enemies are within. Take this from me. During the campaigns our paupers were fed with many meal-mouthed promises. Will they stay put to see to it that those who offered such promises are living up to their words? Where is Maisha Bora kwa Wote Apechealolo (MBWA)? Didn’t they guy cheat them for ten years and leave without fulfilling any of them? Yet again, you’ll hear them praising such a cheater as a good person while he actually is a big liar. Maybe, big liars don’t lie and when they lie their lies become truth. Yes, for boozers suffering from PPD such is a rationale. How do they touch on an untouchable even if it is their right and they’ve what it takes?
Given that I’m now waiting to see what this new fella, Kanywaji, will do to deliver on his promise, let me go and grab some kanywaji as I wait.
After looking at our peaceability, let’s gage if what we boast of is real peace and how. Can peace and injustice go hand in hand really or sleep in the same bed really? What an unjust hunk that is!
Source; Guardian Nov.,8, 2015.

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