Sunday, 29 November 2015

Dr Magufuli needs to learn from Sokoine's tragedy

Before saying what I’m going to tiddly depone, let me cry first. Don’t think I’m crying because of ganja or kanywaji. No. I’ve remembered my fallen hero Edward Moringe Sokoine. When the name Edward Moringe Sokoine is mentioned many clean Bongolalalanders remember their iconic hero who was felled simply because he’s not ready to be in bed with corruption and injustices. May God rest his soul in peace?
            For those who were born yesterday, Sokoine was heartbreakingly and precociously butchered simply because he hated corruption. He mysteriously died in a road accident on 12 April 1984 at Dakawa on his way to Dar from Dom.  
            Although Dr John Kanywaji Magufuli (JKM) is not Sokoine, he wants to do exactly what Sokoine did; he wants to purge corruption in the hunk. This is why we’re worried that Magufuli needs to tame his mouth and keep his cards close to his chest. The less-traveled boulevard he’s strongly and faithfully taken is treacherous and dangerous altogether. He, thus, needs to do things quietly.  Or if he wants to show some clouts by being on the scene, he’d apply political jujitsu, or shutukiza or unpredictable move without saying anything before. And this should be done without creating a predictable pattern.  The best thing strategically is go after corrupt elements in our hunk. Pounce on them. After you are sure that you’ve descended on all dangerous elements you can be safe and sure of making announcement. Once you catch them then announce instead of making announcements before securing them. A fool is the one who is bitten twice in the same hole. You know what I mean I guess.  Remember what Obama did when he wanted to eliminate that guy with long beards who thought he was another Carlos the Jacko while he's but a coward hiding himself under the bed while telling others to die for his business and madness? Obama did not declare. Instead, he inaudibly pounced. Thereafter, he made a very unflinching announcement.  
            Remember. This is brutal Bongo. Essentially, taking on corrupt bigwigs means denying some ticks their ill-gotten yum-yum they think are God-given however illegal and sinful they are.  I recently read somewhere that Kagoda thief is one of billionaires in Africa. Phew! Is he or? How can a begging hunk like Bongo produce a billionaire over night while rich guys like mzee Bakh Resa and Mzee Mengi who toiled for many years without being on the list? I won’t wonder the other day to hear that Setii Singasinga and Jimmy Rugemalayer of Escrow are featuring in Forbes lists of nabobs of this fucked up world full of injustices and brutalities. Such bêtes noires pay no damn about human life when it comes to standing in their ways.  Ruthless and heartless as they are, they’ll do anything to see to it that either the cripple your efforts or kill you shall they fail to corner you.
            Magufuli inherited a hunk that was felled –for over twenty years –by googly and goofy regimes. I know he knows Loliondo mess not to mention NBC and other parastatals that were sold when the hunk went to the dogs after Mzee Nchonga abdicated Ikulu.  Magufuli needs to wise up and change everything shall he want to deliver our hunk. So, too, he needs to –like Jesus –be cagey about those flocking his table saying sir sir. Most of them either can be his enemies or his nemeses can use to get him.
            I know when Sokoine was felled, Magufuli was in school. However, he knows everything. So, he’d not take things for granted. Who actually are Magufuli’s archenemies?  All bin-Adams with clouds of corruption over their heads are his enemies whether he likes it or not. I don’t think –for instance –those who acquired Kiwira Coal Mine illegally will like his efforts. So, too, the EPA, Escrow, Richmond, Dowan and others will never like him.
            Secondly, all those whose houses were brought down after being built illegally are baying for his blood. Don’t forget drug barons his predecessor allowed to operate with impunity. Even those whose matanuzi oft-tours abroad Magufuli put a stop to are not that happy. Guess what. When a farmer takes precautions to deny monkey, baboons and other bêtes noires stealing his or her produces they hate him or her. For, they think their monkey business is a God-given thing.
            In sum, let me warn Dr Joni Kanywaji that things have changed. He needs to change too by pedantically do things and avert the danger. Timing is of essence at war. You act like a boozer in the middle of the month when he is bankrupt. Whenever he’s timing kanywaji or kalaji, he acts as a speeding bullet and pounces like a cheetah pouncing antelope and vanishes.  You see. I have offered three priorities. I wonder how Dr Kanywaji would have millions of priorities, and would be able to fulfil them.  Anyway, that is that.
Source: Guardian , Nov., 29, 2015.

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