Sunday, 22 November 2015

Mr. President: Bashing office is not the way forward

Mr President JPM,
After being sworn in, you (Joni Kadrink Magufuli) started to show your teeth especially your chapchap style of bashing offices to see how things are going (or not going). You recently, bashed the Ministry of Dosh and Mumbili Dying Hospital. To show he means serious biz, he fired the former head of Muhimbili by appointing a new caretaker one not to mention disbanding the ulaji and do-nothing board. Some boozers aren’t convinced. They think it is but nguvu ya soda or fire brigade stuff. Again, to begin with, I may say Kudos Dr Kadrink.
Methinks what should be done is neither examining the effectiveness or shortfalls of bashing. We need to ask and answer one major question: Will an individual be able to visit all departments, ministries, regions and whatnot in the whole hunk? When will he carry on other responsibilities as the managing director of the hunk?
            We have some proposals vis-à-vis reforming our sitting-duck offices and departments that swindlers and con men and women turned into vijiwes and the places of scooping dosh without working. This can’t go on. Therefore Dr. Kadrink must do the following:
First, you’d ask the parliament to enact laws that allow him to overhaul the whole system and regime in the whole hunk. People should work according to the laws and regulation but not for the fear of an impromptu visit from Dr. Kadrink.
Second, there must be a task force that will receive reports on work and inspect all areas to make sure that those found doing nothing should be fired forthwith.
Third, every head of whatever be it a government, department or section should instruct his subject to report their self-evaluation monthly based on targets set to be achieved within a certain period of time. So, too, there must be the system of rewarding workers who will report lazy or ghost workers. For example, if someone reports ten ghost workers, ten percent of the dosh that would have been paid to the quack listing them must be paid to the whistle blower. Using this system, all vices in the office of the govt will vanish. For, nobody will be able to know who will report whom. Simple.  Paul said that whoever that “The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat,” (2 Thessalonians 3:1). So, too, whoever sleeping at the wheel should be fired instead of transferring him or her to another place to mess even more as president did when he fired Muhimbili former boss.
Fourth, all shoddily dubious appointments should be probed. I understand there are many unfit bin-Adams who were appointed based on technical know who instead of merits. There is a lot of them in our missions abroad, judiciary, many eating boards of various parastatals, DCs and RCs not to forget in fat departments such as Internal Affairs especially at border posts, International Airports, Harbour, BoT, immigration, police, TRA and elsewhere. It is easy to descend on such swindlers. Order them to declare their wealth before investigating them thoroughly.
            So, too, the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) should not be under your office so that it can take on whomever even if it takes on you. This is what is known as rule of law and transparency. Due to being corrupt through and through, I’d propose that PCCB be disbanded and overhauled so as to form an independent new one with teeth and guts to take on anybody. 
Fifth, Mr President, computerize everything. The so-called developed countries beat us for computerizing everything. With the computerization of everything, nobody will be able to evade tax or receive money using ghost workers as it has been going on since Ruxa’s time. Computerization of service and jobs will also avert having economic immigrants that have recently inundated our hunk especially from China, India, Turkey and elsewhere.
            Sixth, fight graft so as to raise money that will be used to pay and remunerate workers.
            Seventh, I suggest that you form a very sizable and able government by avoiding tapping into former dregs and leftover from the former regime that is renowned for its ubangaizaji. Don’t forget to stop your bi mkubwa from forming an ulaji NGO just like the former two.  In taking on graft please don’t forget googly scandals such as, Dowan, EPA, Escrow, IPTL,  Kiwira, Meremeta Richmond, SUKITA, UDA  and others that are known even to the birds in the hunk. Additionally, we urge you, Mr President, first not to appoint anybody that has been linked with any scam such as forgery, corruption even being a member of intranet works in the party. Doing so, will surely send a strong signal to culprits and those he’ll sign up to reckon with what can transpire shall they make any goof.
Blessed be Mr President. I am waiting for your invitation so that we can chat more.
Source:Guardian, Nov., 22, 2015.

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