Sunday, 1 November 2015

When Bongo politics became nastily bongo-bongo

Bongo politics had saneness before the Chama Cha Maulaji (CCM) appointed its presidential candidate Dr Joni Kanywaji Makufuli. Before this exercise that saw many bigwigs left out in the cold, voters had a variety of choices. Everything was divided right in the middle between a ruling rotten lot and anti-graft opposition. Again, soon after CCM got their man, one creature Eddie Luwasha altered the map of the politics of the hunk. Two visible sides the hoi polloi used to see and assumed they’d vote from vanished. Those we used to view as adversaries went together in bed so as to leave voters with no choice at all.
            Looking at the whole stuff through my booze eyes I can restfully argue that our politics has become bongo-bongo stuff whereby voters –apart from having no choice –had to choose from the same meme and kit and caboodle of swindlers. I say this with many good reasons among which are:
            Firstly, I must admit that our politics are becoming as useless as everywhere in Africa that burns billions of dosh to get the same stuff.
Secondly, I must say it clearly and loudly that we’d the same party to vote from. What do you call choosing between two CCM’s cadres namely Makufuli and Luwasha? Their differences are in their names and the parties they used to seek ulaji. I can use Gaia hypothesis of connectivity of beings to argue that Makufuli and Lowassa constitute a political single entity, and they stymied change for the hunk.  When it comes to their integrity, vision, myopia, hopelessness and whatnot they’re but identical twins from the same mother CCM.
Thirdly, what do you call this situation whereby those who made you believe they’re against graft end up in the same bed doing the same simian biz? I think my UKAUA brethren get me well that their myopic, greed and arrogance denied voters the choice. Now it is obvious that they’ve lost it big. What will they tell us? How come that our politicians are too scatter-brained this way? Aren’t they the same dudes who unearthed Richmonduli scandal that saw Luwasha packing? Again, did they think Luwasha forgave and forgot them to end up being their man? Interestingly, the same dudes we used to wrongly think were smart and meant business have proved how unscrupulous and ticklish they are.
Fourth, you can take this to the bank. Why didn’t they learn from the 1995 fall from grace for the NCCR-Ma-change? I tend to concur with Desmond Tutu, retired Archbishop of Pretoria who said, and “We learn from history that we don't learn from history.” Our opposition politicos seem to have done exactly the same.  For nifty politicians, even politicos, a blow August Lyato-nga Mremavu dealt NCCR would have opened their eyes not to be in bed with CCM’s cadre. I’m trying to imagine. If UKAUA had stuck to their guns –fighting for the New Constitution and accountability –how would Bongo’s political map would look like today? Take it from me. Had Dr Willy Silaha stood this time around, CCM would have been expeditiously heading for the purgatory.
I know after being defeated squarely, UKAUA will come with all sorts of hoo-has to calm down the situation. Again, what befell them is titanic by magnitude. Luwasha won his battles and wars against his nemeses by making them lick their own vomits. He goes home a happy man whose name will always appear along CCM’s landslide victory. So, too, he goes down as the man who sunk four used-to-be reliable parties.
I know for sure. All those noise makers we used to hear and believe from the media and opposition who were voted in will have nothing to say in the parliament. They became famous just because they were able to bark at CCM accusing it of the same sin they’ve now committed by words and acts. We now know that they’re preaching water and drinking wine, hypocrisy at its best. Such dudes won’t have any moral ground to attack their opponent on what they actually did openly as opposed to their opponents.  
Why did CCM win easily? First of all, it did not deny the fact that it is corrupt through and through. Instead, it turned tables against its indicters by showing how double faced they are. And this worked well. For, it appealed to the voters who wanted to punish those who used to dupe them claiming they’re against graft while they’re themselves corrupt through and through. CCM may be corrupt. But it is not two-faced like those who used to accuse it.
Before the general elections I made a goof thinking that Bongo will show other African hunks what democracy means. Poor me, I ended up pissed off after learning that our politics has become just as useless and hopeless as other African hunks whose presidents meddle with the constitutions to remain in power forever. Can we now laugh at our neighbours ruled by individual dictators while we’re ruled by a dictatorial party? Indeed, when Bongo politics becomes bongo-bongo and googly, it tends to become as useless as other African hunks.
Source: Guardian Nov., 1, 2015.

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