Sunday, 31 January 2016

Magufuli still has more boils to clean

            When President Joni Kanywaji Mugful dealt a blow to some ambassadors who were just hanging out abroad, those who know the whole scandal started smiling waiting for yet more to be done. Nonetheless, there are still many boils that need to be cleaned. So, too, there are many big and chronic lymphatic filarariasis tka or aka mabusha that need to be sanitized.  When it comes to satisfaction, there are some who are happy about what Dr. Mugful’s been doing. To the contrary however, there others who think that much need to be done. For example, they see many boils in various public offices. They say that all District Commissioners (DC), Ambassadors and Regional Commissioners (RC), judges, chairs in various ulaji boards who were appointed just because they were connected to the power that appointed them are but boils.
            Apart from boils which are a lesser disease, there’s lymphatic filararias tka mabusha which is caused by infected mosquitoes. Don’t confuse it with loa loa filarariasis. Scientifically speaking, lymphatic filarariasis in point is caused by greed, myopia, selfishness, heartlessness and above all, corruption and lack of patriotism. Lymphatic filararias we’re talking about here is like Escrow, EPA, UDA, Richmond, Buzwagi and other mega scams that swallow billions of dosh. The other day I heard IpTL bumbling goons trying to bully the House saying that it has no wherewithal to deliberate on it as if it is not a crime that needs to be taken on from all fronts. Where does IpTL get the guts to rant and rave at honourable MPs in the first place? Is IpTL a government within the government of Dr. Mugful? Is it because some of its architects were retained recently?  Hopefully, Dr. Mugful will see the light the same he did when he recalled A Liar Kim Maswimaswi recently. Obviously, my friend Muongo will soon follow suit.
            Apart from mabusha like Escrow and others, there are some boils in many public officers. I, sometimes, wonder how Po MCkonda who terrorized mzee Jose Waryuba former PM, AG and chair of CRC, can still be in office. So, too, it sickens me to find that the DC Mihingy Rweyependekeza who was used to tarnish some reputable presidential candidates in 2005 is still in the office doing simian business. I think, all DCs and RCs that were appointed after losing in parliamentary elections must be recalled back urgently. Also, there are incompetent RCs who were speedily promoted from being DCs. These, too, must pack and go not to forget judges whom MP Tundu Lissu accused of maladroitness and venality for those who were in private business before being appointed favorably. No stone will be left unturned. Mugful I know is impatient with boils. Refer to how he stopped hangers-on who used to rob our dosh funding their trips abroad. Nowadays I see many hangs-on who used to accompany Vasco da Gama around heads down. Mugful abolished foreign trips and other preposterous practices.  Boozers were overjoyed when they heard that Dr. Mugful axed some hangers-on abroad. They’re waiting other boils in our embassies in Canada, the DRC, Mozambique, China, Russia, Washington DC, and elsewhere to be brought home so that they can be cleaned. The other day the little bird told me that there were retirees abroad who are still being paid for just doing nothing. Furthermore, boozers are waiting to see all bigwigs’ kids that litter our embassies to be purged mercilessly. Our hunk was rotten before Mugful burst into the scene.
            Importantly, Dr. Mugful must make sure that all earthlings touched by any scandal such as escrow, forgery and whatnot are purged. I know two whom he retained. One is connected with escrow and another is allegedly to have forged his academic credentials. I think my friends Muongo and Bill Luku-vii know what I mean hither.
                        Given that boozers were asked to volunteer information that will lead to nabbing some culprits, let me volunteer info.  There are other bushas such as UdA which is in partnership with DRT whose top was axed recently. For those who know how UdA was grabbed, they wonder why Dr. Mugful’s been patient with it. Additionally, boozers still wonder why bogus contract involving bogus investors are still safe and sound at this time Dr. Tumbua Busha is at work. Is he buying time or what? When it comes to drug barons, I have hollered about this and now my throat is burning. Again, I’ll never stop bellowing so that Dr. Mugful can hear my cry and do the needful.
            Suffice it to say, we need a healthy hunk free of majipu and mabusha. Let me go and clean my ganja busha before cleaning my bottle of swallow. Hopefully, Dr. Kanywaji will also clean another bush, the Chama cha Maulaji which grabbed many plots in the hunk not to forget SUkiTA scam.
Source: Guardian Jan., 31, 2016.

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