Thursday, 7 May 2009

Beware it’s sell out time

HAVE you ever asked yourselves why new newspapers and bogus writers and analysts mushroom whenever general elections approach? Mind you, times for mortgaging our bodies and souls by signing our own death certificates- vote for yet more five years are on.

Always, this is ’youm kippur’ for quacks and swindlers. Like ticks on hyenas’ backs, they’ll bang and hang around spreading lies and hatred. For these heartless goons, it's time for chopping fisadis’ money and being caught in their traps, though. For in the succeeding future, they found themselves weeping along with those they vended and betrayed!

Always, the pressure is on for ’fisadis’ to, once again, infiltrate and use every media.
How many new newspapers do you see on tables with all types of names?

Of course, they are so many. When you see this, beware. It’s time for reaping where nobody sowed. We’re not saying all new newspapers are in this category. But many are. No doubt about this. I’ll call these papers ’mimosa pudica.’ Do you know this plant.

It dies and comes to life every time. They’ll thrive and bog off after elections. They only live during the campaigns. Thereafter, they die and go back to the pockets waiting to bounce back in the following elections.

Those who used to finance them will no longer need them. So, they’ll kick their asses and let them die a natural death after being used to do dirty laundry.

A few days ago, I was approached by over three new briefcase-newspaper owners. They wanted me to contribute to their disgraceful papers. Hacked off, I asked what their policies were. They told me I would write anything except taking it out on the system. You know what I mean.

I then talked back asking: why. And why should they teach me what I am good at so as to attract them. They said. ’’You know Kamanda, if you hit the system, our donors will ditch us.’’ Shame on you! You’ve established a newspaper to do dirty laundry. And you want me to be abused, just like you, to dry-clean the air for fisadis! Shame on you again!

Looking at them, you could not expect them to be heartless prostitutes. Now to let them off and shame them, I’ve decided to spill the beans. Let the readership know those ’betes noirs’ and bastards are out there.

So the first thing to larch on to is there are spineless swindlers using journalism as their means of tapping for money from desperate ’fisadis’ who would like to put their people in power in order to safe guard their dirty interests.

Secondly, you’ll wonder to find that even those you did not expect to become prostitutes in this game, are there making their noises. The job they’re assigned for is to decorate fisadis as they tarnish good names of good people.

It�s like a pond full of frogs. Every frog will make noisily croaking in order to entice you. Beware. Not all that say we’re journalists are. Some are shameless vampires used by ferocious ’fisadis’ to deceive you.

If we are not going to be watchful, this noble profession will end up becoming another disastrous nest for ’fisadis’ to blossom. Do you remember certain respectable gawk then. He wrote a very dressing down fictitious book.

He over-praised a certain rotten candidate hoping, after he wins, he would make him an ambassador. You know what, politicians are smarter and shrewder than others think. The guy ended up being bogged down.

He, in lieu, was given a dirty job by a certain fisadi-media mogul. He has always been their doing dirty laundry till now.

His friend and tribe sake got a dirty job in the top office. All the same, though, he’s a first dog as far as media is concerned, his future hangs in balance shall he be booted out. For, he has proved to be a liability to his boss.

Many who seem to be respectable people are used by ’fisadis’ to turn truth upside down and downside up. Like hyenas; they are ready to munch anything provided it can sink in their unthankful tummies. ’Fisadis’ have already targeted those they think stand in their way by using these cheap laundry machines. Prominent people like Dr Harrison Mwakyembe, Reginald Mengi and others have already been preyed on.
Others are in party propaganda offices where they link up with ’kanjanjas’ in the media houses. We recently heard one of them accusing political parties of tribalism and ineptness whilst the party that feeds him stinks!

Now that we know that spooky gutter press is at work to cleanse ’fisadis’, will you throw away your hard-earned shilling to purchase their lies. Will you subscribe to their affair. I am wondering why the mighty government does not bother to descend on them!

Beware, whilst it time for you to make good decisions, it’s a ’yada yada’ and ’youm kippur’ for cursed demons calling themselves journalists. How can they be without living up to ethics and emancipation of the great unwashed.

How will you know them? Whoever entices you to be in bed with fisadis, is but doing quackery. He wants to suck your blood and steal your future. Say big nay to them.
Source:Thisday May 5, 2009.

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