Thursday, 14 May 2009

The Soap Opera From Busanda

BUSANDA is becoming the Hollywood of Bongo. The other day I was watching some performance from Busanda and I saw things unfolding in a very interesting style. People were jeering and cheering at the same time!

What captured my attention really was nothing but the jeering at the current and former CCM’s mini biggies such as Pius Msekwa and Jean Malecela aka Bajaj (that was heretofore Tingatinga) respectively.

Let's face it. I am not trying to make a dig on them, but they took a beat. Looking at the shame that goes with this; the guys were humiliated through and through. One thing that is obvious is the fact that we’ve overlooked the signs of times. We wrongly thought our people are still in slumber, in that they don't know anything.

I did not know people know all that stuff such as Kagoda, ANBEN, Tanpower, Richmond, Dowans, EPA and what not! One question that has to be answered is whether this is what our leaders are going to show them as their achievements.

The citizens know who eats what and who tells lies. They, as well, know who did not deliver or fulfill his promises!
Nonetheless, when this moment of truth is mused on, there are those that are still day dreaming by wrongly thinking they can cheat the same ’much-knowing’ people! If you go to Busanda and repeat the lies you told them in 1947, they'll jeer at you and call you names no matter how heavy you are.
One teacher stole thunder though as he whacked students for jeering at CCM supremo’s importantly a candidate.

What this goon needs to know is that Tanzania is a democracy. This so-called teacher needs to be dismissed summarily so that he can find a worthy job for his backward way of thinking. Down with gawks especially those that turn public institutions into their party’s propaganda machines.

Jeering and cheering are the rights of people. Why should lies be the rights of politicians but jeering at them become a sin? You tell me lies, I jeer at you. You convince me, I cheer for you. This is what democracy entails.

What’s more, this reminds me of the dark days when con-men and women used to bomb us with pictures from the Rwanda genocide so as to drive the point home not knowing that Bongo is currently no different from Burundi and Rwanda.
Look at how people with albinism and elderly are ruthlessly butchered whilst the power-that be is watching!

People know their leaders have let them down. How could they fail to know when they travel via Kenya just to go to another part of the country? How dare you tell them you brought development whilst you actually ushered in miseries thanks to your greed?

Where is the reviewing of thievish investment contracts you promised? The Busanda people evidenced chartered planes coming and going as they made away with their gold. They know you’ve conspired with those thieves that pay you ten percent. They know that you are but self-serving on their backs and shoulders.

Where are the houses that Ben and his whiz kids stole? Where is the promised journey to Canaan? Where is the better life for all?

We need to face it point blank. Guys, you banked on Kambarage’s achievement that you’re now plundering. But people know everything. They know that you betrayed Kambarage so as to die weeping for them.

So too, they know how you goofed in 2005 thanks to takrima. But this time around, as it seems, they’ll not subscribe to any lie or failure.

I remember seeing a similar soap opera in Mbeya. Had it not been for foul play, what transpired in Tarime would be repeated in Mbeya. Our people are not zombies and yo-yos as we wrongly think. They’re aware the opposition is weaker but better than those guys that have, for long, given them empty promises and raw deals.

They know how public money is stolen, squandered and even read CAG reports between the lines. They know everything and this time, they’ll never let anyone reap where he did not sow.

A little bird told me that some MPs are being called in to save the ship. What will they do if they too are smelly? What can an MP like the one who forged his certificates add up? What can a minister that has maintained silence and lies regarding who owns Kiwira add up? You’re kidding guys.

Instead of capitalizing on lies and pretexts, show the people what you delivered. Show them the promises you fulfilled or otherwise. Treat them as mature and sane people instead of the yahoos you used to take for a ride. They know you’re mega liars and thieves.

Interestingly, people in rural areas know and hate the sharks and their conspirators!They know your days are numbered.
Source: Thisday May 14, 2009.

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