Thursday, 7 May 2009

Rostam, will you address Kagoda please?

Honourable Rostam Aziz, MP,

FOR long I’ve been reading much stuff about you. Forgive me for writing this epistle purposely and specifically addressed to you.

When you faced the media, many thought you would come up with something reasonably convincing and new with regards to being named among five sharks as far as sabotaging our country is concerned. But nay!

Let me humbly admit, I heard Reginald Mengi’’s damning allegations that you’re one of the most notorious economic sharks the country has ever seen, thanks to being behind almost many stinking wheel deals. Why didn’t you address this when you faced the media? Do you think calling Mengi a whale will make his denting allegations do away?

I, too, heard your ballyhoos and hoo-has regarding these allegations. Can I ask you a few questions if you don�t mind? Why do you want to jump a smoking gun with regards to the allegations fired by Dr Harrison Mwakyembe, MP that you are vampiric Kagoda, to begin with?

I understand sir. When Mengi named you, you said you�d never take it with him given the fact that he is as old as your father. Well, now that you surfaced with such much damning allegations that Mengi said are devoid of any convincing truth. Does it mean Mengi has ceased to be of your father’s age?

Secondly, you said Mengi’s criminality is to loan money from the late NBC. Perfect. �Is loaning a crime to deserve calling Mengi a whale really? Was the issue whether Mengi is a whale or whatever; or you being corrupt and behind Kagoda fake company that stole money from BoT (EPA)?

Also before I forget, what have you to say with regards to what one of the former TANESCO bosses referred to as PM's partner in Richmond scandal that showed Edward Lowassa the door. Do you remember? Do you remember Richmond’s address was symmetrical to that of your Caspian company?

Let me remind you. Facing the parliamentary select committee, this person said the 'partner' behind Richmond theft is you. And given that you know the owner of Dowans which is the sister to Richmond as Speaker Samuel Sitta once put it, how connected is he to you? Will you please shed light on this?

Another question sir, you admitted to have loaned the money that you’re still paying. What's wrong with Mengi doing the same? Is this an indirect admission-cum-implication that Mengi does the same as you do? So he has no moral authority to accuse you? Can you tell us the banks or government institutions from which you loaned the said money, when and how much.

More on Kagoda theft and Mengi's debts, don’t you see that the debtor is entitled to obtaining debts but not the thief as in the case of Kagoda and Richmond?

Another question sir, why did you dance around instead of shedding light on Kagoda? What have you to say regarding the allegations by Dr Mwakyembe? Let me remind you.

Dr Mwakyembe said you’re using your media empire gotten by the money stolen from BoT by using Kagoda to tarnish the image of others, specifically those who point fingers at you just like Mengi and Dr Mwakyembe. Is it true or false?

I know, you brought Anche Mwedu Company to the agora. Did you intend to show that whilst Mengi says you’re Kagoda, he too is unknown of Anche Mwedu?

Let me emphasize hither. Will Mengi’s wrongs cleanse yours really? Can Anche Mwedu take away Kagoda?
If you’d be serious and sincere, you firstly have to dwell on cleansing yourself instead of using tarnishing tactics as means of doing so. True, what you're doing is ’’he says I am this, he, too, is that’’.

Otherwise it does not make sense. For this is not what people want to know. They would like to see you putting records straight as far as Mengi’s allegations are concerned by putting your house in order. The ball is still in your court, sir.

Another denting thing, if you knew Mengi swindled the late NBC so as to ultimately fell it, why didn’t you divulge this before so as to wait till he named you? Isn’t this vengeance?

I should also remind you sir. Your defenders-cum-partners averred that Mengi erred (in their eyes) to have named holy names. But again, you’re doing exactly the same! I’m anxiously waiting to hear what Sophia Simba and George Mkuchika will say. Did you consult them before thundering and stealing thunder?

Sir, you remind me of childish tricks I used to employ when I was cornered. When I was a kid, I used to steal sugar. Whenever I was caught or suspected, I would jump on witch-hunting for the one that reported me. After knowing who it was, I would tell mom, ’’He, too, has stolen sugar. Mom then used to tell me. Why haven’t you reported him or her before?’’ I used to end up in shame and being punished.

You know what? When cornered, the vulture cries wolf.
Sir, allow me to wrap up hither as I avoid making a missive. I know. You’ve a lot to do especially at this pressing time of saving the face. But importantly, please say something about Kagoda and who you are to it.

Mind you, our people are not stupid. They cannot subscribe to every nonsense and lies. I thus strongly recommend that you hit on the point.
Source: Thisday May 6, 2009.


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