Saturday, 11 April 2015

Forget IpTL and Escrow there’s PAP

As a hunk, we've a problem, gargantuan one. It started when some greedy, ruthless and uncouth folks – among us –turned their colleague Danganyikans into fair game for their mania, ignorance and idiocy. After finding that boozers have easily forgotten escrow and the humongous amount of dosh it sunk not to mention vijisenti in Jersey Island and other offshore banks, I decided to form a new company that will this time do positive things.  I've formed Protecting Albino Project (PAP) to see to it that we squeeze the powers that be to protect albinos in the hunk.  I’ll give them a heck of time without bothering if they’ll be cross with me. Again, please don’t confuse my PAP with the one Harbinger Shit Singa uses to rob your banks in conjunction with some top guys in the upper echelons of power. My PAP should not be associated with IPTL or International Purloiners of Tanzia Limited.
My PAP will bring security and, possibly, a titter to albinos. It seeks in redressing the hunk by turning things around after it became a laughing stock for not stopping this madness. Our hunk’s now renowned as a killing field for people with albinism. Our good name’s long gone while our monarchs are laughing. We’re looked at as killers if not ogres. PAP’ll embark on campaigns aimed at addressing some anomalies such as using albinos abusively like the thingification them namely turning them into things or objects any properly criminal can get and deliver to con men and women known as witch doctors who dupe them that they can use albinos’ body parts to make them rich while it is a hoax. I hate those who goad God by riding on other human beings instead of riding donkeys.  Also, we will seek to abolish politicians calling albinos for a banter and photo ops in their offices to show that they care about them while they actually are behind their miseries due to their corruption and nihilism.      
 We will seek to restore Code of Ethic (CoE) in the hunk. This move will discourage hyena-like- dosh seekers whom witch doctors and other gullible criminals dupe making them believe that albinos’ parts can bring fortune to them, and thus, become tycoons without working or thinking hard. Today you’re killing albinos so as to become rich. Tomorrow you’ll be told to kill your own mothers to become rich. In the end you’ll end up committing suicide after finding that con men and women have conned you and destroyed your life because of your greed and narrow-mindedness. Again, since the powers that be became good players in graft, who’ll take on whom? We need to make sure that everybody declares wealth and the way the said wealth was gained.
 We need to tell the powers that be that they are the ones who encourage such diabolic killings due to the fact that they rob boozers and spend like crazy so as to encourage every goon to want to become rich easily even without using his or he brain but bum. We can’t go on with such venality in the hunk.
Another thing we are intending to do is tell those who want quick dosh to go to TANESCO and enter agreement of supplying power just like IpTL and Rugemalayer’s  Very Endangered Property (VEP) did. After they enter the agreement, they’ll proceed to the Bank of Thugs (BoT) with their bags and scoop dosh as easy as that instead of shedding the blood of innocent people. We better sacrifice TanesCO to save people with albinism.
We also will advise those that seeking to become rich without thinking or toiling to run for political positions or form their religious sects instead of killing innocent people. It doesn't help save that it helps those con men and women to violate you just because you’re ruthless, uncouth, greed, stupid and properly rubbish and inhuman.  Those killing albinos are no different from one-eyed-googly creatures that got human faces accidentally. I love human rights. Again, when it comes to such orgies, I pay no hoot if they’re treated like Lucifer himself or pigs before the hang man. How can you treat otherworldly humans like humans?  If our hank had gullible rulers who keep animals like lions while their people starve, you just throw them to the den so that the can be devoured by lions and tigers. What adds twangs and pains is the fact that when such lazy, good-for-nothing and grandiloquent make bomb, pretend to be humans while they are but pooches.
In a nutshell, I've formed PAP to help people with albinism to escape from stupidly and blindly imposed death sentence by our all-time corrupt regime. Therefore, I seek your support to save these innocent brethren suffering from the venality and double standards of their greedy rulers.  So, please join me to do a sacred work of saving the lives of our brethren from the dirty hands of googly rulers and their cronies and stooges who have taken our hunk for a ride. By the way, what’ll happen shall shamans tell their slaves to bring the bones of politicos or their loved ones? 
Source: Guardian April 12, 2015.

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