Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Look at how racism eats the US

No sane person would believe that after the Ferguson massacre of an Afro-American teen Michael Brown,August 9, 2014 police would repeat the same just seven months thereafter. Again, what should they fear or worry about if at all they are exonerated as if they are shooting skunk among the chosen ones? Before the Ferguson Missouri killing, police were at it in New York where Eric Garner, 43 was choked to death on 17 July 2014. Just today  police in North Carolina , shot Walter Scott in East Mecklenburg County.  For how long Afro-American are going to be killed by white supremacists embedded in police? For how long the justice in the US is going to ignore black life by exonerating killers? If anything, this is but made in US terrorism against Afro-Americans.

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