Sunday, 26 April 2015

Is ours a criminal hunk?

          Don’t think I’m writing this because of kanywaji and ganja. Nay, I've strong and healthy reasons to embark on becoming a big criminal aka a big thug, you may call it. I reached this stance after discovering that in our hunk is crime friendly. Steal ducks and chickens, you’ll end up rotting behind bars. Ironically, if you steal billions, you become mhishimiwa in your own light. Ask nshomiles Rugemalayers, Anna Kajuamlo, Sauce pie Muongo, and Andy Chenge, Rost Tamu l’Aziz of Kagoda, Jake Kiq’ette, A Liar Maswiswi and singanga Seti. They made a killing out of the blue; and they’re now honourable dining and enjoying their loots with kings as boozers gasp with throes. Mince no words. Mmeigeuza kaya ya wahalifu pointlessly!
That I’m smart, I’m pondering about becoming a big thug so that I can rob big bucks and get away with it in the hunk of criminals. What’d I fear if everything is ruksa? If it were under mzee Mchonga, I’d not think of becoming a big thug. How’d I while the Mchonga used to employ spies to check on how many beers swallowers were able to buy? Spies used to spend much time in the watering holes counting corks of the beer one’d swallowed. Thereafter, they’d squeeze the guy to know how he made his dosh. Failure to substantiate, firstly, his loot’s taken –and then –he’d rot in the cage for sabotaging the hunk. Currently, one can steal, rob, and plunder as wishes without getting in troubles. Currently, criminal do kill people with albinism to meet the requirements of the conmen who order them to do so promising them to hit the jackpot. Those foolish and illiterate conmen are duping you. Stop it. Mtamaliza mazeruzeru bure and you won’t become rich. Work diligently, wisely and hard or rob the govt. Why are you turning our hunk into the den of adulterous and criminals wantonly?
I know. Doubting Thomases will doubt my project thinking it is the result of hangover and ganja. I tell them point blank to go and see those folks mentioned above. Robbing the hunk does pay. All paupers you evidenced suffering before their god came to ulaji are now stinking billionaires thanks to this crime of robbing the hoi polloi of this God-forsaken hunk aka Danganyika aka Bongolalaland aka Bongo-Bongo.
Those doubting that criminality does not pay in this criminal hunk should go and ask the bigwigs who forged their academic credentials. Some are shamelessly and undeservedly referred to as doctors while they’re but quacks and forgers. Makorongo Muhanga, Marry Nyagu, Bill Luku-vii, Emmy Nchimvi, Diodolorous Kamala, Addymu Malima and Saaaada Mkuyati know this too well.  The other day I read the CVs of Mkuyati and Malima how they got their Master’s degree after completing form four and ended up drinking like a fish to calm my anger. You know. We, morani feed on kiroriti. So, when our angers swell, we just get kanywaji to avoid taking jambia and slash somebody’s head in broad daylight.
 Remember Ukafiri Dar si Salama aka UdA. Do you know that some criminals took it despite the parliament opposition to this theft? Nobody’s ever pooped in the bucket at Ukonga or Segerea. Instead, criminals behind this holdup are minting and printing dosh using the same UdA.  Little bird confided me that there’s a bigwig or his son behind UdA graft.  See? Doesn't criminality pay in our hunk? Go to local govts, airports, border points, harbours, immigration, TrA, Bunch of Thieves (BoT) littered with vigogo’s children and everywhere dosh’s made quickly and see how the paupers of yesterday are the billionaires of today wantonly. Those unsatisfied can go ask the putas selling fake drugs such as Rama Madabidabi and others what happened to them after their dirty linens were put on the agora. Nothing, they’re still importing even bigger quantities of the poisonous and sell it to boozers they kill like people with albinism. Thanks to their greed and heartlessness.
If you still can’t believe, go to the dungeons and interview those behind bars. Most of them are chicken thieves, petty offenders and those jailed on fabricated cases which cops know how to do too well.
Guess what. Did you just recently hear that some connected criminals working in the Tanzia Harbour Authorities bought old wagons they called new and advanced? Don’t ask me what befell them for committing such sacrilege. I read somewhere that the minister responsible suspended them. Suspend them! Why not slit their necks so that other can get the message? Again, who is to reprimand who while they all are in the frenzy of eating almost in every office? Do you remember the MPigs sorry MPs implicated in the scam of asking for kickbacks from local govt officials so that they can pass their audit reports? One of them was ironically appointed a mini minister before the hand of God chipped in. Grrrr, this is but a criminal state!
Source: Guardian April 25, 2015.

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