Sunday, 5 April 2015

Presidency: Boozers to demonstrate to bar Lower-Sir

 After unraveling the mystery-cum-gambit by tainted politicians who seek to use goons and opportunists to portray themselves as popular, boozers are preparing the “mother” of all demos in the hunk. We’re seeking to urge Eddie Lower-Sir not to run for presidency. Instead, we want him to mount his defence vis-à-vis damning allegations that have hovered over his head for years. We’d like him to shine light on all allegations of graft from those tossed by our guru boozer, Mwl JK Mchonga who alleged that the guy amassed ill-gotten wealth that he’s now using to buy even clergy to pretend that they support his candidacy while they abhor it.
We’ll seek to tell him point blank to elucidate what he knows about Richmonduli and the role he played to see to it that our dosh was stolen. We won’t let him dupe boozers by portraying himself as a fit candidate. Shall he stay put; we’ll seek to petition that he’d be barred from running until he gives us some sensible explanations regarding all allegations.
We wondered and we’re shocked to see how clergy dressed themselves by turning themselves into diaper for the wino. This dude thinks that we’re all insane and too cheap to dupe cheaply. We can’t help but to play a vital role to see to it that he is not running so that he can steal even more however running for any position for any Danganyikan is the constitutional right. We need to probe those pretending that we've easily forgotten their messes.  We need to show the Bongolalalanders that nobody has the guts to take us for a ride once again. We are dissatisfied with his friend’s regime that has always blessed graft so as to be in bed with thieves and venal officials.
We still believe that our ikulu is the holy of the holy. Thus, we need a person of integrity that can purify it from the mess it is in now after all sorts of delinquents took it and defecated on it. We need a clean person whose actions, words and history attest to his cleanliness but not con men and opportunists to dupe us and get away with murder.
The other day when I saw clergy degrading themselves I felt like crying. It is alleged that they gave their man some dosh for running for the presidency, what were they buying? How can they prove that they gave the dosh to the dude but not vice versa? Who need the candidate who waits to be asked to run? If anything, this shows that he was not prepared for the task. We better boycott this hoax aimed at superimposing some bad fellows in our ikulu. Why did they allow their hunger and myopia to be used to abuse them that way? One boozer left me in stitches when he said that those folks were not sheikhs but shehenas that can swallow anything haram and halal. Why didn't they underscore the fact that the person they alleged they went to convince to run declared his intention many years ago? I can assure everybody that this ploy won’t work. If it does, it’ll backfire just soon believe ye me.
 We still vividly remember how in 2005 some crooks hoodwinked us promising better life for all that turned out to be better live for them and worse life for us. My foot! We can’t repeat the same mistake this time around. A fool is the one that is bitten twice in the same hole. It can’t be and it shouldn't. Some of Lower-Sir henchmen and hired- spin doctors are trying by all means to portray their pay master as a clean person. Phew! Go tell it to the birds. We know how tainted the man is. We know this too well. When he was involved in the Richmonduli scandal –for instance – he was accorded the opportunity to mount his defence, ironically, he declined to do. What does this mean? It obviously speaks volumes for his detriment. When Mzee Mchonga alleged that the dude amassed ill-gotten wealth, the dude kept mum. What else do you want to underscore the truth that the fella is corrupt through and through? 
Boozers are not crazy and foolish altogether. They want to make their voices heard this time around. They will fill all streets of Dar-si-Salama to tell the world that they’re tired of being turned into guinea pigs for political experiments. The one that’s lapsing is enough. Please give boozers a break so that they can sieve and probe competent candidates. Who wants another ANGUKA?
I like Jan Makambaa allegations that Lower-Sir offered some vijisenti and ubwabwa to the so-called sheikhs to demonstrate to show how he has the support of the earthlings. Again, he forgot one thing. It goes without saying that this move can be construed as shehenas having their person who’ll defend their hidden interests. Also, it can be construed that sheikhs are predisposed and exposed to njaa more than chungajiz.

Please Mr. Lower-Sir, stop your hopeless journey and abusing those poor creatures. 
Source: Guardian April 5, 2015.

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