Thursday, 28 May 2015

As I bid farewell to Kikwete

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Go Kikwete go we're tired of you
Go never turn back, we won't miss you
Go without budging though 

fisadi will miss you
Go Kikwete go, we don't need anybody like you
Go Kikwete go, you turned us into bijoux

You acted as an android
Go, you remind us of our goof
We won't repeat the same move
Otherwise boozers forget

Go Kikwete go
Nobody needs you any more
You vended our hunk great deal more
Thank Lord your time is over

Your presidency is no more
Go Jakaya go
If we shall remember you
It is just evil things under you

Go Kikwet go, join Ben your mentor
The one that you protected
Mkapa will miss your cover
Mkapa that had us robbed
Go wait for your fate
Who knows?
A sane person may take over
And bring you to book.

Don't look for a stooge
Just like Ben Mkapa did
Wait for your fate to be known

I pray
God give us a sane leader
That will persecute corrupt official
Give us an enlightened person
Who will redress our nation
Give us that person
The one that will reclaim our nation
The nation that's been sold and thrown
To all types of vampires
We need a leader not a ruler
We need a saviour
Not a tick
We need patriot
Not Vasco da Gama the tourist
Indeed we need a sane leader.

Go Kikwete go
Go Kikwete with your lies
Go without fulfilling your promises
Go with all of your bootlickers
Take all of the garbage you filled Ikulu with
We need somebody to clean Ikulu that is now filth
Take all of your rats
Take all of your braggarts
Take them never leave them abaft

 We need a leader
A leader who looks like us.

I call upon voters
Please do stand firm
Guard your votes
Come next elections
Allow them not to rig
We're tired of these venal beings
Go the king of fisadi
Go without turning back
Go Kikwete go
Go please go
Go quickly go
Go to the oblivion go
Go go go go 
Go forever 

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