Sunday, 3 May 2015

Can IPTL criminals fight Malaria really?

          When the Indecent Power Transgression Ltd (IPTL/ PAP) got the wind that I've established PAP to protect endangered albinos, decided to ape me. The story that IPTL launched “war” against malaria left me neuseatic. It recently dished out 700 pieces to Wazo Hill, Kawe and Kunduchi residents in a very belittling manner whereby recipients had to cue to get such a shame. Who’s fooling who hither?   Compare the cost of 700 bed nets with $ 122 million IPTL robbed those paupers. You’ll feel woozy.  Will IPTL fool, dupe, take them for a ride and get away with murder? If anything, in the hunk of sane and wise citizenry, this is the last insult one’d think such a tainted firm would issue. Indeed, it is the last provocation boozers would stomach so to speak.
 Again, are those behind this hoax aiming at fighting malaria or hoodwinking boozers to forget their dirty and criminal past? Are they seriously fighting malaria or maliciously duping boozers that they care about them while they actually butcher and rob them? No man’s land sometimes is interesting.  Rob poor boozers billions and offer them a few mosquito nets. They’ll believe you’re a good dude while you actually are a pathetic killer.
If boozers weren't insane and chickens, they’d force those pilfers fry live.  Pay back our dosh instead pretending you’re waging war against malaria? For me, thugs behind escrow kill many more boozers than malaria does. When I calculate the billions of shillings thugs behind escrow stole, I find that if such amount were to be spent on malaria mosquito nets, it’d cover the whole continent.
Let’s do some kindergarten calculus. When the power goes off in our hospitals, more boozers die than would have done if the power supply were regular and predictable. Tanesco hasn't been able to invest in enough priority power projects (using gas) because of the IPTL lobby, which siphons off dirty money through the tax payer. IPTL, thus, contributes to the undercapitalisation of the power sector, which accounts for the frequent power cuts. If IPTL is responsible for (say) 25% of the indebtedness of Tanesco, that means 25% of the power cuts. So –if 60 additional women die in childbirth because of power failures during delivery –then IPTL can be held theoretically responsible for 15 avoidable deaths. Not to mention students who perform poorly because of power cuts.
Wait.  Whose fault is it if the candle Hamisi uses to do his homework falls over when he doses off and the house burns down? Tanesco 100%, IPTL 25%. Guess what. According to Ali Hassan Mwinyi, power cuts force people to sire more babies than when there is power. For, power keeps them busy and awake. The darkness forces them to go to bed earlier and do their things. Overpopulation causes a lot of problems to our begging hunks. So, too, they cause much environmental damage thanks to the use of rotten and old power generators corrupt rulers allow venal traders to import and hike. Of all, power cuts slow down the economy due to the underproduction that leads to price hikes and high cost of living.
The other day I saw the bigwigs in the police force smile as Singasinga Seti of escrow donated a Tshs-20-million cheque. I wondered how such bigwigs could use their tummies instead of their heads. I’d not believe that the department charged with investigating crimes like this would accept such dirty and dupery dosh in the first place. IPTL thugs are offering kickbacks almost to everybody except me. For, such mosquito nets are an insult that is supposed to provoke people to take to the street had our boozers been sane enough. Why are they treating us like a dog that swallows its vomits? Are we as useless as fish that eat the flesh of its colleague? Are we as unreasonable as a rat that dies because of a piece of nut?
Time to tell boozers and their rulers –they must stop thinking like rats –is now. Instead of cheering the dupery of being given handouts from the dosh stolen from your coffers, take on them. Why’d a hunk depend on donations by those robbing it? Such a hunk is inhabited by halfwits, goons, cowards and insane beings that can’t make sense of their situation. Such monkey business reminds me of Kagoda thug who offered some dirty money to suspicious church sometimes back to be seen as a good fella while he actually is a nasty criminal. IPTL did the same last year by offering Tshs 14.5 to St. Peter Catholic Church Oyster Bay which sadly accepted such dirty blindly. Isn't this condoning and abetting graft? No dirty dosh can do the work of God.  For how long will boozers be taken for a ride as if they are tabula rasa?
In a nutshell, PCCB must take on IPTL/PAP arguing to stop abusing boozers through kickbacks and handout. We need our escrow dosh back but not such dirty handouts.
Source: Guardian May 3, 2015.

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