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Open letter to president Nkurumbwiza

  • ... rise in Burundi protests; protesters vow to remain - StamfordAdvocate
    Dear Monsieur Pyere Nkurumbwiza,
Boozers from Urundi confided me that you want to sip more from the chalice of power. Boozers there are still hell bent to bar you come shine come rain. It is easier to predict the way things could go.  The unfolding crisis you’ve caused is an extraordinary problem that begs for an extraordinary means to reach the solution. See? Slowly the hunk’s cascading into her violent past after having a ten-year reprieve. My ganja tells me that shall any Armageddon happen, you’ll be held accountable.
Guess what. All heavens broke loose when you wanted to run for the third term contrary to the very constitution you appended your signature to protect. Now that you’ve purposely decided to stay put by even being ready to see the hunk go to the dogs so that you cling to power, Boozers’ Organization known as the East African Calamity (EAC), needs to reign in.  Again, when we consider what’s been going on vis-a-vis power hunger and greed, does the EAC have what it takes to take on you while what he’s attempting is not new in the community?  Apart from Nyayo hunk and Bongo, who’s clean enough to tell you to pack and vanish? It is only boozers. Is it possible for the EAC –as a bloc –to take on you?
Again, looking at policy differentials whereby the EAC is divided between CoW and TABU or Tanzia and Urundi, no hunk has any moral authority to reign in. At least Nyayo hunk’s more lucidity compared to the rest. Again, looking at her quandary in Somalia, no way she can add another bone to her plate.  Bongo comes second however it is a close associate of Urundi. Given that Nyayo hunk is already overbusied in Somalia, Bongo needs to put her individual interests aside and take on you knowing that if she looks at personal attachment, shall things go overboard, everything’ll become a very ugly history. Bongo’s the only player that can save EAC’s face. Firstly, it has the strongest and most experienced army. Secondly, she bears the brunt when refugees start thronging on her borders.  When it comes to other members, their heads have already committed the same sacrilege Nkurumbwiza is endeavouring.
Let me tell you point blank: The hunk is more vital than you. What you’re attempting failed in Malawi, Senegal and Zambia among many. If you think you love your hunk as you portend to serve, you’d abandon your project. What’s seen in Buja streets suffices to convince any sane person that the third term is but a knob that’ll signal Urundi to the Armageddon. If your aim is truly to serve Urundi but not to serve your hidden agendas, you’ve all you need to abandon your shot on the third term. Underscoring this means that you’ll put the nation before anything including your love to serve. If those you want to serve have declined, why’d you force? Forcing will be construed as having person interested wrapped in serving the country.
Looking at a very convoluted and violent history of Urundi, whoever loves this tiny country will be ready to sacrifice anything in order to avert her from harm’s way.
However, you might think he’s the point in that your first term in office resulted from being voted for by parliament but not all Urundians. Again, Urundi constitution is clear about this. It says that the president must be voted for and must serve no more than two terms. Now that thousands of Urundians have already fled the country after demonstrations against your third term started. 
All those are but writings on the wall for whoever loves Urundi to call it quits as far as the third term is concerned. If anybody puts the hunk before his personal interest (s), what’s going on in Urundi suffices to convince him to think twice. No ruler can rule a chaotic country. You need to be helped out of this impasse. Tell him to stop his ballyhoos of “My party wants me to run.”  Again, who knows? Things can go out of control so as to guarantee your destination to be The Hague. You ordered army to take control of the situation after saving you from being toppled. You can’t foresee what the minds of those he orders are. One bullet can cause a fatality that can trigger more chaos. Shall this happen, you’ll be answerable.
So, too, underscoring economic dependence Urundi has always faced, one’d think that you’d, so, too, consider it. Urundi is one of the poorest hunks on earth. Give her a break. What transpired in 1972 and 1993 suffice to move any sane and patriotic soul to put whatever hidden or in store for him to the stop for the love of his nation. All boozers in Africa, especially, those in EAC need to be strong on you underscoring the mess your move’ll add on the already deeply felt mess of tampering with the constitutions.
Monsieur, Nkurumbwiza, Urundi is more than your dubious presidency.  Please abandon your third- term project for the love of Burundi. What a wonderful legacy!
Source: Guardian May 24, 2015.

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