Saturday, 16 May 2015

Bravo ikulu for cleansing escrow suspects

I hope.  Like me, many were dazed to hear that the mizigo and escrow old lags are now clean like snow after ikulu washed them. Again, when Ikulu becomes a judge, what did you expect? I knew. There’s an urgency to bleach these folks. Else, many vigogo –especially those you’d not expect –would have found their dirty laundry in the agora. Who wants that? Every crook and criminal wants to look good and clean though in actuality he or she’s as dirty as a pig. Thanks Sefui for washing the high and the mighty to avoid dressing down many others.
 Again, in Bongolalaland what’d ikulu have feared if at all escrow was but a normal thing in the hunk where dirty and thievish deals are entered every time?
 When I heard that chaps like A Liar Meswi, Saucepie Muongo were exonerated, I knew even Rugemalayer and Singasinga will soon follow.  If President Jake said openly that the dosh in dispute was theirs legally without explaining, who else can go against such a writ. Ironically, Prof Anna Kajuamlo Tiba-Ijuka was crucified for receiving such “legally obtained” dosh? Why? If Muongo and Meswi were suspended for authorizing dosh why shouldn’t they be exonerated? Unacheza na usanii nini?  Yet, cleaning somebody with sewage water isn’t making him clean. Is there any water or acid that can cleanse fakers like Emmy Nchimbi who’s referred to as doctor undeservedly? Right and real cleansing such a criminal is just charging him and let the court do its job. Ikulu can’t be an accused, an investigator and judge in its own case and yet do justice, otherwise, if it does an ikulu brand of the same.
Guess what. We need to believe that these ikulu-rinsed folks are clean. For, whatever ikulu says must be taken as being true even if the truth is to the contrary. Even if ikulu says that gators have no teeth we must accept it without any doubt. You know what I mean. What I know for sure is that in the hunk of deals, stealing millions is not a crime.  The crime is stealing chickens, chains, and other valueless and useless things. Those thinking I’m making this up should tell me when they heard any shark being convicted of robbing the paupers. Only small fish are fried. Did you hear the warning one magistrate gave to one MPig who’s accused of asking for bribe from some local government officials? Bro, Badwill, are you thither? Remember? The magistrate told him to be careful when he’s doing his things and that’s that! Unacheza na rushwa nini?
Do you remember EPA criminals? Where are they now? Some are in the highest offices with their cronies, courtiers and families eating with hands and legs while paupers are dying of abject poverty.
When news broke that escrow sacred cows were cleared of wrongdoing, one boozer was quoted as saying, “This was expected due to the fact that the same ikulu that exonerated them is a suspect in the same crime. Essentially, now we know that escrow’s created in ikulu. Escrow’s but another EPA.” However, I don’t agree with such allegations. Again, there are some elements of truth. I sensed this when Jake Kiquette’s dragging feet to fire Muongo and Meswi. See? Do you know why Rugemalayer and Singasinga are still making more deals such as the MWAPORC project?
 I heard some boozers lamenting that our hunk has been turned into a hunk of criminals wantonly. They lampooned the exoneration of the suspects saying that escrow’s but “entrepreneurial ingenious strategy” of robbing the paupers.
Let’s face it. By exonerating the high and the mighty, ikulu’s made us believe that the MPs who found those suspects wrong lied. Can the whole house lie really? Who’s lying between Ikulu and Bunge? What’ll Bunge do after being shown in a bad light? Will it keep mum and be seen as hopeless and useless or stand ground to prove who’s actually wrong?
One thing’s obvious.  Even birds –despite having small brain –won’t buy such abracadabra involving sewage water. The guys are still as guilty as convicted by Mjengo. They’re still stinking dirty and guilty. Who appointed ikulu to probe and exonerate its own officials? Ministers are the member of the executive, thus, when suspected, the whole establishment is in disrepute under collective responsibility.
Guess what. What’s your take when the late Mzee Mchonga said that ikulu had become a den of thieves? Did he foresee what we’re now evidencing? Do you think Mchonga was wrong?  Go ask Gurumo. He’ll truly tell –if not show –you how precise and true Mchonga’s assertion still is. Again, when the chimp presides of ape’s case, expect more justice and unexpected.
Apart from being a criminal state, Bongolaland has become a state of wonders and miracles! Stop simian biz of turning boozers into automata wantonly.
Source: Guardian May 17, 2015.

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