Saturday, 20 June 2015

Are you serious King Eddy Luwasha I of laibons?

Dear King Eddie,
I heard your big talk and all those empty promises as if it were Jake in 2005. It was like a kaboom. Again, why did you decline to talk about Richmonduli? Do you think boozers shall easily forget and offer you the cudgel to finish them off? Go tell it to the birds Eddy. Some boozers say that you’ve nothing to offer except serving your personal comforts. Kama uwaziri mkuu ulikushinda utaiweza nchi? Even your best pal Jake Kiquette seems to have abandoned you after noticing you’re but mzigo.  Further, you said, “Once picked to lead the nation, my agenda will be to build a strong economy both for the rural and urban dwellers and to promote team work,” will you be picked or elected?
You added, “My government would also do away with the traffic jams in Dar within six months,” how? Do you mean to build flyover and flyunders by mouth which is easier than anything? Do you remember Maisha bora kwa wote literary Better Life For All that ended up to be Better life for a select few in upper echelons of power including yourself? If we avoid duping one another, there’s no way any genius or conman can do away with traffic jams in Dar si Salama without demolishing the whole city. Again, are you intending to do that or just inducing voters who’ll nary get closer to where you’ll be after being voted in?  They’ll end up lamenting and frowning in Dala dala while you’ll be roving faster after all roads are combed so that you can pass?
Do you remember that traffic jams were there at the time you’re PM? Again, how’d you know such trifling things while police used to sweep the roads for you to pass quickly and swiftly?
You said you’ll create jobs for youths. Well done. Again, how many jobs did you create for the three years you’re the PM of your friend before hitting the door after conspiring with Richmonduli to rip the hunk off and all sorts of baboonery?
Eddy, you left me in the stitches when you publicly asked Jake Kiquette to back you as if he is not your friend. Do you remember what you told the media when you’re about your relationship with Jake? You simply said that your friendish was established on the roadside. This means, you can touch base anytime. This is what some fyatus who don’t like you say.  They wonder. Why cry publicly that Jake must back you because you backed him while you said your friendship is not a roadside one? Go to his home and talk as you did when in 1995. If this is the truth, why asking publicly instead of going to his house and ask for his support? Umegundua kuwa amekutosa nini? Didn’t you that politics is a dirty game? You’re lovey dovey today and tomorrow you are stabbing each other on the back. If Jake did not save you during Richmonduli in which he had stakes do you think he is going to do it now when he needs a person who must protect him? Do you think he has easily forgotten what he did to you and the vengeance you have if you get power? He knows. You can lord it over him and end up throwing him to the den.
Again, you left me shocked when you said, “Our country is very rich in natural resources; therefore, we need strong leadership and good governance and management of the resources.” This is true save that little bird asked me to ask you why you have seen this now not when you’re in the limelight. Was Richmonduli one of those resources?
You added, “I intend to build a self-reliant society to free ourselves from over dependency on foreign aid.” Really, how will you do that while you said that you depend on your friends to raise dosh that you offer to many organizations that invite you? Do you mean that instead of depending on foreign countries our hunk under your watch will depend on tycoon’s aid?
By the way King Eddy, when you faced the nation at Sheik Amri Abeid stadium in AR, why didn’t you touch on Richmonduli? Again, I toast you on this. Why should you open Pandora’s Box or spill the beans while there are chickens all over the place. Let’s face it. Do you think Richmonduli is going to go away just easily by pushing under the rag?
Guess what. Your rivals inside and outside of the party’ll use the same Richmonduli to skin alive politically. Take it from me my friend. I think Jake knows this. That’s why. He doesn’t want to back you. He knows you can rock the boat at this moment of truth for Chama Cha Maulaji (CCM).
Source: Guardian June 21, 2015.

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