Saturday, 13 June 2015

Whose lies should we gulp?

When King Boozer wrote an article wondering how Ikulu sanitized escrow banditti, the Big Minister mzee Mizengwe Pinda came up with a rejoinder saying the guys are still criminally tainted. Now this being the case, whose lies should we swallow? For, Chief Sec., Ombi Sifui left us baffled saying the folks are as clean as a whistle after his office scrubbed them. This being the situation whereby the same govt is offering contradictory responses; we need to know who’s telling the truth and who is telling lies.
Interestingly, mzee Pinda and Sifui are all serving the same syndicate they’re trying to save to no avail. Who’s confused hither that wants to confuse us? Is it the govt, Sifui or Pinda or all? This being the tantalizing situation and dressing down, I’d urge Jake Kiquette to come forth and mount his defense. Again, will he avoid confusing us even more given that he once defended escrow saying the dosh was halali as if it were? What do you make of this mix-up among the biggies who seem to have something to cover?
Up till now, we’ve almost five lies. The first one is that of Jake saying that the dosh was legitimate. The second is Sifui’s that avers that the folks have been cleansed. The third one’s Pinda’s who says that Sefui and his boss are but liars that we need to pooh pooh. The fourth one is your lie of not taking any action after discovering that your coffers were broken into.
The other day I asked who runs the shows in Bongolalaland. Now the answer is obvious that there are many more players. Sometimes, I tend to think in my intoxicative way that our hunk is run by a caricature if not a genie.  If not, how can a govt confuse itself in its attempts to confuse the confused boozers? Again, who’d we blame when the whole govt finds itself immersed in majitaka simply because its heads careless when it comes to making dosh?
Sometimes, you wonder especially when those you think to be matured act childishly and gullibly as if we’re all insane kids. Do they think that boozers don’t know how escrow criminals have almost every who’s who in their pockets? Do they think boozers don’t know that escrow is another govt that the govt can’t touch?
There are more lies. The other day Chama Cha Mapingaji (CCM) alleged that it had barred its cadres who prematurely and unprocedurally declared their candidacy. One of them is Eddie Luwasha. Recently, though, the Vice President appointed him to represent him in a charity mission involving fundraising for a mosque in Arusha. If the guy were banned, how can the VP appoint him knowingly he’d use this opportunity to campaign as he did? Sometimes, I don’t get it. How can you say you’ve barred someone whose agents –under many pretext –have been campaigning ever since? Isn’t this a lie? Does it mean those telling lies that they barred Luwasha don’t see the friends of Luwasha climbing K’njaro and doing other macabre campaigns the hunk over wantonly?
While the VP declared Luwasha to be unbanned, CCM’s chief spin doctor Nipe Mapepe Ninaye came with ballyhoos saying that the cadres are still banned. Really? Is Luwasha banned too while he‘s offered opportunity to campaign while other neophytes are still in the cold. Whose lie should we gulp hither? And who’s fooling who?
The other day I heard mzee Pinda outlining the feats that Jake’s regime has made. Ironically, mzee Pinda forgot to enlist corruption as an achievement which has surge to the levels that the hunk’s nary seen. So, too, he forgot the surge of the hunk’s debt which in itself is another gain that their regime attained.
I, for one, was waiting to hear what mzee Pinda had to say vis-à-vis the many trips his boss made abroad as one of his successes. Again, how do you portend that you’ve performed miraculously while embezzlement of public funds has become the in-thing for those in ulaji? If I were mzee Pinda, I’d have even mentioned escrow and EPA as other development the regime attained so to speak.
The other day a friend of mine who answers to the name snake Andy left me in stitches when he averred that our hunk will soon bid farewell to third world status the Bretton woods designated us. I candidly asked him if under such endemic corruption this was possible. Lucky him, he didn’t reply save telling me to read govt’s reports which I tend to suspect. I felt sorry for my friend who still believes in reports the govt makes while they’re but meal-mouthed sorts of stuff.
Although boozers are used to lies the high and the mighty tell them, this time those who tell lies have gotten it wrong. How can you say that the hunk made great strides while the boozers are becoming poorer and poorer by day?
Now that elections are on the door, whose lies should we believe?
Source: Guardian June 14, 2015.

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