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Lukuvi whom are you trying to dupe

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Soil Minister, Bill Lukuvi, left boozers shocked and infuriated. He’s recently quoted alleging that he turned down a cool Tsh5 billion bribe that two tycoons wanted to offer him so that he’d allow them to hike their parcels of land to the govt. Lukuvi’s quoted as saying,
 “If you are greedy you can’t do the job you were sent to do. Sometimes, there came two big businessmen and wanted to give me Sh5 billion so that I pass there project worth of billions and they announced to my friends that they would give me the money, but it is impossible here.” Doesn’t Lukuvi see that his negligence, apart from setting these criminal free, portrays him as inept and unfaithful person?
For the boozers whose brains are as sharp as a razor, despite being sloshed all times, Lukuvi’s hoo-has left many more questions than answers. All such questions portray Lukuvi as a boil that president Joni Kanywaji Mugful must cleanse as soon as possible. Though Lukuvi wanted to portray himself as a clean chap, he failed miserably so as to end up inculpating himself. Maybe, he thought that boozers are tabula rasa that can’t weigh and analyze things.  Kaka, you can’t take us for the raid and get away with murder. Lukuvi’s allegations are wanting; and have a lot of holes.
First of all, he is neither serious nor trustworthy. His allegations are ambiguous; and they show the dearth of truth.
Secondly, boozers are asking a couple of questions as to why Lukuvi didn’t alert the Prevention and Combating Corruption Bureau (PCCB) to set a trap and catch these criminals. For any sane person, this would have been the first step to take to net such criminals who sabotage our hunk. Why didn’t he do that if there wasn’t any foul play; that Lukuvi doesn’t want to divulge? Lukuvi needs to tell us.
Thirdly, Lukuvi’s allegations lack evidence. If he thought that by revealing such criminality without taking any actions was something that’d depict him as an incorruptible dude, he ended up opening Pandora’s Box pointlessly. For, such allegations render Lukuvi as an irresponsible person who lost such a golden chance to nip such criminals in the bud.
Fourth, boozers think: Lukuvi didn’t tell the whole truth; and if he did, he just told a half-baked one. Although Lukuvi aimed at creating a good image that he is incorruptible, he ended up messing even more. The law is clear that whenever anybody comes across anybody attempting or committing crime, that person is duty bound to inform the authorities. This is the procedure that even boozers–despite being blotto all the time–know. Again, Lukuvi alleged that some big criminals have been using our land to solicit dosh from various financial institutions; and invest in Dubai and London. Are these freebooters the citizens or foreigners who have turned our hunk into shamba la bibi the president was complaining about the other day? After becoming aware of such criminality, what is Lukuvi going to do to take on them and stop them altogether? How did they know that Kigamboni will become a hot cake so as to amass such huge chunks of boozers’ land? Aren’t these criminals a government within a government? How many are out there and how many are there in public offices? These are simple questions any sane person even if he or she was boozers was supposed to ask and find answer to.  Look at how stupid, sometimes; some of our officials tend to be. The punk is spending just five million on a plot; and sells it to the same that owns the land at the tune of 141 million shillings by simply catching the ferry and go to Kigamboni to conclude a deal! What monkey business.
If Lukuvi were competent and patriotic enough, he’d have told us the number of freebooters that have been benefiting from this theft. So, too, aren’t such criminals along with Lukuvi boils that President Mugful is supposed to cleanse as urgently as possible? Again, whom does Lukuvi want to deceive while everything is clear that he slept at the wheel? Which measures does Lukuvi intend to take to arrest this criminality?
In sum, boozers want Lukuvi to tell the whole truth and show cause why he shouldn’t be cleansed just like other jipus. For, his negligence–apart setting these criminals free–Lukuvi sabotaged our hunk for not taking actions. What is behind the curtain that Lukuvi doesn’t want to be put on the agora? With my bhang and Kanywaji, I can conclude that Lukuvi hid a lot of information that would have helped us to put these criminals where they are deservedly supposed to be, behind bars. So, too, had Lukuvi did his homework, we’d have been able to attack their already amassed wealth as we squeeze them to divulge their accomplices especially in the positions of power. Lukuvi, go tell it to the birds. Whom do you want to fool and cheat?
Source: Guardian, March 27, 2016.

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