Monday, 7 November 2016

If Clinton trumps Trump Tomorrow

         Arguably, when the superpower of the world does anything, it automatically becomes an international subject. This is why the coming elections in the United States (US) always hit headlines all over the world.
    Strikingly, the US seems to have started divorcing its stinking past sexual and racial xenophobic past. For, Clinton–if she smashes the glass ceiling once again–is taking the reins from the first Afro-American president and a colleague Democrat which is rare in the politics of the US. It is no longer a speculative matter that Hilary Clinton, former first lady and Democratic presidential flagbearer is likely to trump Donald Trump, a billionaire Republic presidential flagbearer. Shall she, and chances are that she will. She’ll smash the double glass ceiling for the second time with a single year. She became the first woman to be nominated by a major party as its presidential candidate. Now, she becomes the first woman and the first lady to become president of the US.
            This time around, the US has two record breakers in the presidential race. Clinton’s archnemesis, Trump, is also a record breaker. A smart guy though in bad way, he’s the first presidential candidate that the US has ever had that’d say lewd things about and against his opponent not to mention trading insults as it recently happen in downtown New York’s Waldorf-Astoria hotel at which venue Trump and Clinton attended the annual fundraiser for Catholic charities known as the Al Smith Dinner. He is the first candidate who refused to disclose his tax returns not to mention not paying tax. So, too, he is the first candidate who didn’t come from the establishment who can say whatever that pops up in his mind. He also, is the outsider who beat bigwigs in his party. Furthermore, Trump is the first openly racist, misogynist who is alleged to have called women dogs, pigs slobs and whatnot without forgetting calling all Latinos rapists and Muslims terrorists. As if it is not enough, Trump is the first US presidential candidate to allege that elections will be rigged even before they were conducted which is something new in the history of the US. He goes further asserting that he’ll never accept results otherwise he’s the winner.
            Apart from being an allegedly stinking misogynist, Trump’s another burden. He loves and hates women at the same time. Up until now, there have already come forth ten women who alleged that Trump sexually assaulted them after the surfacing of what famously became ‘a locker-room banter’ in which Trump’s heard bragging about how he groped women and did whatever he wanted.
            Although the US has changed tremendously–especially after electing a black president, Barack Obama, who proved that even a black man can do bigger things than white if he is compared to George Bush–it still has a long way to go. Thanks to the support Trump got after coming up with his raves and rants against immigrants, Muslims, women, homosexuals and other, it shows that there are  millions of Americans who still live in the dark past subscribing to things such as demonization of others, racism and the likes. Otherwise, Trump wouldn’t have made it up to becoming a presidential candidate for a major party.
            Trump had rubbed many people the wrong way. For instance, he once said that Africa needs to be recolonized so that it can develop. He went further proposing that if he becomes president, he’d erect a wall on US-Mexico border to stop illegal immigrants from entering the US.
            When it comes to policies, apart from having none, Trumps says expressly that he can run a country singlehandedly like his private business. He’s been oft-quoted saying that he’s the only one who can fix the problems that the US have currently. After saying that, Clinton hit back saying that Trump lacks the temperament of being president; and there’s no way a single individual can fix the US Trump said he wanted to make great again as if it were not great. In the beginning of the campaigns Trumps seemed to be the force to be reckoned with. But as they day went by; and a true Trump surfaced, slowly, he started losing mojo and support altogether.  Thanks to the current opinion polls, now Trump is paying the price dearly for his lewd outbursts which seem to have turned voters against him. For the first time, Republican bigwigs such as former presidents George Bush Jr and Sn speaker of the US House of Representatives, Paul Ryan, and many more that openly distanced themselves from scum Trump. If Clinton trumps Trump, the US will temporarily get off the hook. Again, it needs to learn from the mistakes that cloned Trump so as to cause a hell of fear.

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