Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Go Jammeh go!

Go Yahya Jammeh go
Go Jammeh go ye Yahya
Go without turning thy head back ever
The game is up and over sir
Go son of hell, a coward in your own right
Go Jammeh go down cowing like a dolt
In flames go down like that
In a shame go even faster
Go, go Jammeh go, go
And others will go
Museveni will go
Obiang will also go
Sassou-Nguesso will go
Kabila will follow
Derby too will pack and go
Kagame will go
Bashir soon will go
I am sure many will go
Mugabe is on the go
However, he’s kept on hanging on
Afwerki will go
I am saying many will go
And, indeed, many will follow
Big trees will fall
And Africa will glow
Go Jammeh go

Go the way Compaore went
Mubarak was kicked out
Ben Ali is now the past
Go please; don’t lament
Go for this is your feat
Go leave the worst legacy back
Go like a goon and a stooge
Go the ignoble way go.
Go Jammeh go

Go Jammeh go
Go the world will remember you
Just as a symbol of megalomania
Please peacefully leave Gambia
History will record you
Just like a letdown extraordinaire
You are reaping what you sowed
This  is the rule
Go like a fool
Who abused the power of the presidency
Go with your decadency 
Organically as it will always be
He who live by the sword
He will die by the sword
Go dictator go
Go Jammeh go
It is time to go
Never look back go
Go Jammeh go
It is time to go.
Go from thy man-made no-go
Go go it’s time to go
Go go go go

Don’t turn back, just go!
Those that you treated like rats
They have used their votes
Even when threatened with bullets
History has it now intact
You treated Gambians like braggarts
Now you are but a rat
On a trap that it has been caught
Gambians have spoken
Jammeh you need to hearken
Wait your future in the prison
You wrongly thought you’re smart
My friend you are connered
Go Jammeh go.

Go Jammeh go
Don't go Idi Amin way
Do you want to go Gaddafi way?
I cn bet you are going the Gbagbo way
This means you will end up in jail
It depends on if you survive
You better be brave
Just make a  meaningful and peaceful move
Never wait for such a style
Go your friends will follow
Welcome Adama Barrow
As for Jammeh
Where will you go?
To the jail or to exile
Whatever you chose just do
Go Jammeh go
It is only to Zimbabwe you can go
Go Jammeh go
Go Jammeh go
Go go go!

Do you want to leave power in a coffin?
Why should you ignore the signs of time?
Will this give you a win?
Never waste any time
Jammeh your time is up
The game is over
Just pack up 
Pack up and jump
Hit the road my friend
Now way you can win this time
Go Jammeh go
It is your time to go
Go go and go

I congratulate Gambians
On your victory I salute you
For your courage I emulate you
For your unity I hail you
I challenge all Africans
Let’s take on our ruffians
Now Gambians have spoken
Their prison has been broken
Everybody needs to listen
Yes, we all need to learn
There a big lesson to be taken
The rest of Africa needs to learn
Let dictators pack and go
The way Jammeh is going
Unceremoniously he is going
Youths need to stand
They must take a strand
They need to emancipate their continent
The precedent Gambians have set
Indeed, will liberate our continent
Go join the Burkinabe
Let there peace be
And blessed be
Let there development be
Let the country move
Go rebuild your country
You have it back
Stand together as one

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