Friday, 28 July 2017

Farewell Robert Mugabe!

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For over a month, I have been grappling with this awkward idea. I must admit. I don’t hate Robert Mugabe. However, my crystal ball tells me that he is in the beginning of his end in power and on earth. I don’t know why this idea has stuck with me. It is my first time to have written about the exit of a person. Some would think; I am a doomsayer. I am not even a priest like the one who predicted the death of Mugabe. Nay; I am not; and I don't intend or wish to be. Again, this is the idea that is tormenting my head. I can see the new beginning for Zimbabwe. I therefore would like to share my premonition with my readers. How long will it take for Mugabe to come to an end? I truly don’t know. However, I still feel that his days are now numbered. Am I right or wrong to write this? Time will tell.

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