Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Will Kenyans Celebrate or Mourn Nicholas Biwott?

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When it comes to Kenya's grim past of abuse of power, corruption and political assassination, Nicholas Biwott who died yesterday takes a center stage. No political assassination was carried out under Daniel arap Moi without having a Biwott tag on it. Biwott is said to have like a black box to Moi had he been a plane. Though Moi had a vice president, Biwott was more than him. He did and got what he wanted from Moi. From being the son of stinking pauper to a billionaire, Biwott goes down as one of the most evil people Kenya has ever had after Kenyatta and Moi.He is lucky that he died a natural death without being assassinated the same way those he assassinated.
        Now that Biwott is no more, will Kenyans celebrate his passing or mourn him? Again, there is a very crucial message in the life and death of Biwott. Every soul will surely one day die. What is the world for a mortal who think he can be on top of it to end up in its belly? Those who act and live like Biwott need to take a lesson here.

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