Saturday, 22 October 2011

Bad start for Libya

Bad start for Libya
Although former Libya strongman Muammar Gaddaffi was almost hated by everybody except those who were closer to him, what the new regime did to display his remains for public to ridicule was unreasonable.

The author personally needs to divulge his interests-in short he did not like Gaddafi not just he hated him because of being a human being but a tyrant. Again, despite author’s freedom to hate or love, he did not like the way Gaddafi’s remains were abusedly maltreated so to speak. Gaddafi is still a human being even posthumously. This is the fact like it or not. Gaddafi, therefore, deserved to be treated humanly just like any other human being. What the new regime did is to punish the corpse whereby the law is clear that once someone is dead, his sins or offences are forgiven. This is why you cannot hear ICC baying for Gaddafi’s blood anymore. Actually there was no logic or necessity to dress down a desperate dead body. Indeed, this is a bad precedent NTC has set for its leaders in the future.

For whoever with rational thinking that saw how Gaddafi’s body and those of his defence minister, Abu Bakr Younus and security advisor who also was his son Muattassim hated the act of displaying the copses for people to photograph and scoff at.

Half naked and bullet ladden, the bodies were displayed for longtime against Islamic practices. Though many Libyans said Gaddafi was not a Muslim thanks to their pent-up anger, he was a human being and the head of the state. This is the fact that no sane person can dispute. Why then did the new regime allow this inhumane treatment to dead bodies? Dead bodies are no flowers or something good to look at given that everybody will die; and nobody knows when and how. Even when Gaddafi took power, abused it and clung to it, he did not know he would end his life the way he did. If he knew, he’d not have behaved the way he did.

Looking at how Gaddafi’s body was ridiculed and abused, reconciliation for Libya will become very difficult if we face it that Gaddafi still has sympathizers especially those that used to benefit from his rule however brutal it was. What adds insult to injury is the fact that even children were brought in the supermarket where the bodies were for long displayed. Indeed, if anything, this is but abusing children and teaching them such bad behaviuor and cruelty.
We all know that Libyans suffered a lot under Gaddafi. It is obvious they had vengeance against Gaddafi. Yet again, one must avoid behaving like a madman so that people onlooking at him should nary fail to notice the difference.
Ironically, most of people forming a transition government, apart from working with Gaddafi before ditching him, are the same people who made Gaddafi a stinking dictator. They don’t ask themselves what would happen to them shall the mass decide to completely scrap Gaddafi’s legacy. This is possible given that Gaddafi’s autocratic rule was defined by many cheerleaders and bootlickers among who are in the current regime.


Jaribu said...

I was disappointed myself. They should haven't killed him in the first place, but to display his corpse in such a manner is uncivilized. I never liked him, but corpse abuse is despicable.

NN Mhango said...

You are dead right Jaribu. This dressed NTC down to the level of just mere brigands. In other words NTC is offering Gaddafi's psychophants a good weapon to aim at it. If things are going to go on this way, believe ye me. Soon Gaddafi will become a hero. This does not need a PhD in Humanities or silogism. NTC has badly goofed so to speak.