Wednesday, 18 September 2013


INDEED, I was in a real cocktail party phenomenon as I mused about the goodies of Tanzania's new draft Constitution. I was over-delighted to note that things are moving. Unexpectedly though, who knew that our demigod president would be pruned of his discretionary powers? Is doing so a big deal, or we are making a big deal out of nothing? To boozers, the draft Constitution is a big deal however paradoxical it may seem. We’re going to have three presidents, three first ladies and three NGOs of every hankypanky in the name of minting and printing money? I’m trying to imagine myself going to get kanywaji in the streets of Bongo. What will happen, say, three presidents, three vice presidents, three premiers, three first ladies and six wives of PMs and VPs separately going to Sabasaba trade fair? How many hours I’m to spend pointlessly in traffic jams? What a wonderful world for them but worse for us earthlings! Again, some shrewd guys call this devolution of power which means destruction of dosh for a poor taxpayer of this over-exploited hunk. 'Ulaji ndani ya ulaji!' How many shangingis are going to be purchased to transport the high and mighty? Who’ll foot this diabolic bill? Is this the way forward or the way backward? Why don’t we truly unite and form a single country with a single government if we really mean to do well to ourselves and the future of our kids? Who bewitched us? Are our people going to offer themselves once again for being exploited maximally? Time will surely tell and judge. Will our new presidents globe-trot just like it is now when president spends a half of his tenure in office traveling? How much will the spouses of the biggies scoop in their shopping trips abroad not to mention per diem? Don’t get me wrong. I see things happening everyday. I see our top dogs always accompanied by their spouses almost wherever they go. I see all unwanted members of their big entourages abroad. It is a booming biz. The other day I was planning to move to Masaki or Mikocheni. After reading the new draft Constitution, I aborted my plans. Who wants to spend half of his life in traffic queues? Just imagine. What will happen in the morning and evening when six top guns go to and come from work? What of their wives’ unregulated trips to and from the city? What of their security details? What of their vitegemezi? If I were president, I’d not need such heavy security detail. If, indeed, our leaders are godly people, why do they fear the people they rule? Of course, if you’re a president who tells his people lies, then beware. You need to be ensconced amidst many bodyguards thanks to the pent-up anger people have with you. To avoid all this mess, just do the right thing: deliver on promises you made during election campaigns. Make sure you tell your voters the truth always! And, never, never allow your presidency to be a family biz! Many presidents and their spouses usually wreak havoc on their people. And, have you ever thought that, if you allow utitiri of governments, you’ll end up poorer and poorer? Also, ask yourself how you’re going to benefit from this abracadabra stuff. As you frown at queues on our roads, don’t be fooled that this is a sign of economic growth!
Source:Business Times Sept.,18, 2013.

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