Sunday, 15 September 2013

When your leaders lead in evading tax

I waited for them to steadfastly and timely repudiate to no avail.  Therefore, I've decided to go on air awakening you about their sin. As we confab, please read this quote that’s reported on 11th August 2013. “Leaders evade taxes using the institutions they are connected to.” Apronius Mbilinyi from Economic and Social Research Foundation (ESRF) opens the can of worms for our rulers.
The researchers concluded that only 1.5 million Tanzanians out of 15 million potential taxpayers pay their taxes.
I want you to read this piece carefully and analyse it deeply instead of rummaning through. Again, I’m not trying to turn you into a sort of egg-headed.
I must state it from the outset that I've no malice against our leaders. However, if this is the way they lead, they must be told to their face that they’re betraying boozers. How can those who encourage boozers to pay tax for the development and the running of our hunk evade tax and still remain leaders but not looters? Now we know why they've nary liked to declare their wealth as they've always struggled to protect criminals instead of punishing the perpetrators of such sickening national sabotage. We now know why our hunk’s always cascaded economically so as the hiatus between the rich and poor to always skyrocket as our economy’s remains in the ICU save for periodical times when it performs well thanks to cooked statistics.
It’s sad to note that tax evasion isn't the only crime our biggies commit. Most of them, dubiously allocate all fertile jobs to their relations as it’s unearthed a few years ago whereby BoT had employed the sons and daughters of who’s who in the hunk. Our embassies abroad are full of the same vitegemezi of who's who in the hunk. Immigration, TRA, harbour, and wherever money can be easily printed and minted are occupied by the same. They're in the parliament, cabinet even in trade.
Do you still remember how one former president of Zenj’s alleged to have been behind tax evasion and smuggling? Since this scandal broke, the said big fish or call him a shark has nary repudiated the allegations. This means. He and his family are still doing business as usual. Do you remember how the family of Kimdunge Ngumbaru Mwiru ruined Ubungo Bus terminal for years and nothing has ever been done against it? What of BoT scandal of employing the children of vigogo? If our leaders would create EPA, SUKITA, Meremeta, Richmond, Kagoda, Mwananchi Gold, UDA scam, IPTL you name it, how could they stop evading tax? How can they stop from ruining the hunk if we’re told that only ten percent of eligible taxpayers are the only ones that pay tax? If the leaders are able to evade tax what of their agents known as investors?
What disturbs is the fact that almost all-money-making positions and opportunities are monopolized by this carbuncular gang of leaders.  Refer, for example, the scandal involving one nominated MP recently. It came to light that this venal woman MPig squeezed The Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCAA) which coughed out a cool ten million shilling this thief used to buy some desks she distributed to school in her constituency. It’s clear that such desks are the kickbacks to the voters thanks to the fact that the same criminal’s eyeing the said one constituency in the region in which she'll donate those desks come next general elections. Cathy Magige, are you thither? Huu ni ujambazi per se.
Dr Tito Kamati Busega (CCM) unpacks it nicely saying, “Politicians using their power have penetrated Unions and have corrupted them and the government has failed to take legal measures against them.” This is clear that the govt’s always window dressed corruption simply because those involved are ones of its. It has always dealt with flies as it ignores the tigers. Remind yourself of the accusatory statement by biggie Jake Kiquttte that cooperative unions are fully of thieves. Ironically, despite knowing this Kiquette didn't take any measures. Instead he was quoted a few days ago saying that his detractors will be humiliate to note that he did a ‘tremendous job’while in office. He’s quoted as saying ‘matumbuka’ namely you’ll have nowhere to hide your faces.
I know what Kiquttte meant. He knows that always after rigged and full of corruption elections the new government inherits a messy country socially and economically. This is true. For Kiquete’ll be compared with a screwed up regime he’ll have left behind just like Ben Nkapa did. He’s dead right. Thanks to the fact that every coming day for a Bongolalalander seems better than the previous one.
It's sad to note that Kiquette’s always ignored our problems. He’d nary dealt with his compatriots in his party who were alleged to have felled our elephants like Abid Kinamna, forgers, drug barons, those who vended our corporations and parastatals, those who robbed us in purchasing his presidential jet and a screwed up radar and whatnot. If this is the legacy Kiquette’s proud of, he truly is right. Essentially, Kiquette’s assertion must act as a warning that he’ll screw up the hunk and hit the road.  He boasted that he constructed many substandard roads and supplied reliable electricity in the hunk. Again, looking the money he spent on this project and the amount he allowed to be stolen, he’s nothing to boast about. Moreover, how’d boozers benefit while Kiquette allowed all of his courtiers to plunder as pleased? Umeme kwenye mabanda ya nyasi! Go tell it to the birds Jake.
Source: Thisday Sept., 15,2013.

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