Monday, 24 February 2014

Hold your horses Jake Kiquette


           I evidenced Presider Jake Kiquette who always smiles and laughs even at the time one’d not dare to, being turned into a spitfire. During opening the National Executive Committee of his outfit in Dom the guy shocked many especially the message he put across. Wrinkles on his face, speaking in tongues and parables, he moaned, “Unyonge basi.” His displeasure sated by hard times ahead for his outfit, Chama cha Mapi (CcM) plus being blooded by one Brit paper that enjoined him with poachers alleging are his friends, the man had all reasons to breathe embers. His first step’s to paint opponents with the same brush accusing them of being quarrelsome.
 Vomiting vile or saliva’s one’s choice. Again, when it comes to fabricating things, nobody’s at liberty to do it. For, it hurts others. The good man said that the opponents are belligerent and chaotic while actually this might mean opposite.  Although Kiquette’s regime has always wanted to level the opponents off, it needs to use scientific and reasonable means instead of lies and far-fetched things such as calling them names.
The great man’s quoted as saying, “Let’s us not be afraid…let you journalists leave all the news, but say this…we won’t be cowed…patience has its end. “Wow! Did he mean that boozers’ patience of evidencing all messes aka madudu his outfit’s always made should come to a grinding halt? If this is what he meant, kudos.  Did he mean that boozers shouldn't be afraid to task him to come clean on allegations by a Brit paper that said he’s in bed with poachers? Does it mean that when he went to London to campaign for  the "abolition" of ivory trade he’s shedding cloc’s tears? Such damning allegations forced one fyatu Silvia Rweyemaaamu to surface and mount weak and skinny defense  that left us in shock especially when he pointlessly said that allegations that the doctor who cloned him has a soft spot in fighting poaching is “none sense, crap and malicious” without knowing that he’s trying to jump a smoking gun. He very well knows. Media especially international ones don’t jump on drawing conclusion without having all fact  rightly abreast. What he ended up doing’s just paint the wind and please his boss who’s not a savvy as far as media is concerned. This Nshomile who happen to be a scribe that betrayed the trade uses massaburis to think more than anything. I’m not trying to belittle him. Since he devoured his own vomits for the sake of being where he’s, I've nary forgiven him. Such ethical prostitution will piss off anybody who cares about ethics so to speak.
If I were present at that face-the-media pub, I’d have asked him how he feels to be used like a diaper. I’d have added to ask if he reads the articles he wrote before he became a tool in somebody’s hands.
Again, if Jake meant to order cops to kill like they did in Arusha, this is unacceptable. If he means to unleash death squad which butchered Daud Mwangosi, it is sad and megalomaniac. Who wants to see Mike Kamuhanda being promoted just for felling other boozers?
After CcM became a grotesque caricature of its giant and energetic former self, it seems, it’s decided to die with others. Who’d think that such old outfit would become so bankrupt that it relies on archaic and bush tricks such as using cops to humiliate, kill and demonize opponents so as to carry the day? While this goes on chakachuazation, tops up in the game. Is this that Kiquette wants boozers to be tired of? If this is what he meant, he said the right thing. But if he meant his sycophants, ala Rweyemaamu, should go and attack opponents, he’s but bankrupt as he once accused others of.
 One thing boozers are asking themselves is: Suppose you’re given gold on the silver platter, will you take the gold and throw the platter away or keep both? Some stupid beings will take the platter and throw the gold away. Now that Jake told us not to be afraid, why should we? We need to question everybody and everything in our hunk even if we’re not the members or sycophants of his outfit. We need to not be afraid even if it means to turn tables against the man himself.
When Jake spat embers boozers met at their swallowing joint to discuss his move. One fyatu wondered why Jake’s nary been as furious as he was when evil things such as smuggling our animals are done. He went on questioning Jake’s silence about many things such as EPA, Richmonduli, Meremeta, Mwananchi Gold and other stinking scams. While we mused about this challenge one boozer decided to give us an answer. He said that Jake has nary taken on those who committed this sacrilege.  After all, those scams mentioned were conceived and executed simply because those behind them were untouchable that nobody should touch.
Jake was right. Boozers won’t be cowed. So too, they’re not afraid of taking on those robbing them just like those who are afraid of them so as to complain.
Source: ThisDay Feb., 24, 2014.

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