Monday, 24 March 2014

Bravo Sitta, tell us more

  How do you feel when you find that you've been ruled under the constitution that allows bigwigs to rob you? Hold your horses. I know. Shushus are now contemplating to sue me for blasphemy and incitement.  I am not the one alleging that our noble constitution allows biggies to rob boozers. The chair of Constitution Assembly (CA) Hon. Sam Sitta said recently that our current constitution allows bigwigs to rob us and spend the same on bribing us to vote for either them or their vitegemezi.
Boozers are feed up and pissed off with abracadabra especially in our hunk. Though, they still have guts to say or stomach it. This is why they fully concur with what Sitta said.  Boozers are not the bin-Adams one can take for a ride just like other Bongolalalanders. They know a lot comparably. This is why they sent me to jolt this epistle down in recognizing the true words Sitta uttered recently. Guess what. Boozers knew it since long. Save that they didn't want to say it for fear of contracting the law. For, in law, if what has been going on is legal how one does oppose it without committing a crime? You know what. Boozer knew that the current constitution allows some brigands and venal bigwigs to rob the public and buy votes. Essentially, this is what Sitta said recently as he’s interviewed by some media houses in Dom.
Mr Sitta
It is on record. You said that you are not satisfied with the current constitution which you said sanctions graft and rent-seeking behaviour. You went ahead saying that it is easy for person to illegally use her or his position to become rich and spend the same riches on purchasing ulaji. So too, you warned of the danger of this vice whereby some bigwigs are not only glooming their vitegemezi to inherit their positions in public offices but also their protégés and friends. They’re now all over the place. The worst thing in this political sacrilege is the fact that when they rob us by superimposing their vitegemezi on us, they call that democracy.
Mr Sitta,
Arguably, what you said is that we’re manned by thugs, thieves and whatnot and they still are doing it legally thanks to the old-full-patched constitution.
Mr. Sitta, can you tell us more on why this constitution allows such criminality in the first place? Is it because of oft-amendments many venal rulers made to see to it they get away with it?
Mr Sitta is right. For, one boozer left us in stitches when he said that the currently constitution blesses deals as it curses accountability.  The guy who pretends to be a learned friend aka lawyer said that what’s going on is legalized theft that needs to be stopped as soon as possible by just enacting New Constitution that states clearly and loudly that nobody’s allowed to rob the public or superimpose his person, friend or dependent on the boozers as it currently is.
Mr Sitta,
It is as if this guy read your mind. For, you, too, said exactly the same that the New Constitution needs to clearly and loudly stipulate that graft, embezzlement, nepotism, capital flight, stashing dosh in the offshore banks and whatnot are crimes punishable by law. Our bush lawyer proposed that those who partake corruption, kickbacks, capital flight, stashing dosh in the offshore banks, ineptness and other vices should receive capital punishment.
Our bush lawyer went ahead alleging that the current constitution allows monarchy. Thus, our democratically- elected biggies can become kings, queens, emirs and sheiks such as those in the Middle East and everywhere else. As Machiavelli put it, “The first method for estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to look at the men he has around him.” Where’ll you put the person who’s surrounded by cronies, relatives and praise singers? Where’ll you put the person whose rule’s made of suspicious characters? Accuse nobody in our hunk. According to Sitta who’s also a prominent lawyer, our noble constitution sanctions all the above vices. Therefore, you can take this to the bank. We’re ruled intelligently.
For those who read The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli will agree with us that princes and princesses can’t be left out in the eating frenzy. So those condemning the bigwigs of nepotism are wrong. For, the constitution sanctions it. Who are they to want to go against the constitution in the first place? Again, if Bongolalalanders do vote for princes and princesses, who is to blame?
Going back to Mr Sitta, you said that the New Constitution should loudly and clearly stipulate that nobody shall serve two masters namely his business and the public as it currently is whereby some MPs are prominent business persons and everything is spiffy.
Before winding up, Mr Sitta, what do you make out of the ever-bickering Constitution Assembly you are manning? Do you think the hishimiwas will stop fighting for mshiko and make an anti-corruption Constitution that’ll take on corruption head on? Given that you’re in the factory that is to make our constitution, boozers are anxiously waiting to see you work on the problem you already have pinpointed.
Source: ThisDay March 24, 2014.


Anonymous said...

Do not expect anything different will come out from this person has to implement the concepts and ideas of his beloved political group party....

NN Mhango said...

You're dead right. As Jaribu always puts it, expect nothing from these crooks. We still need to remind them that we are watching and listening.

Jaribu said...

Yes Mhango, I don't want to be a cynic, but these geezers really get my dander up. But just like you say, we can't throw our hands up in the air in despair. We have to keep them on their toes.