Friday, 14 March 2014

On drugs, Kikwete, help me please

Much is said about President Jake Kikwete’s rule.  Boozers aren't mincing words; are saying: The country’s rotten thanks to rampant corruption almost everywhere and in everything. They add. The sanctum of sanctorum (holy of holy-ikulu) is full of garbage.
This is the sole reason that’s forced me to address this issue to Mr. President I address as thus:
Mr. President, you’re full aware of what I’m going to aver. Don’t get me wrong, it’s alleged that you’re surrounded by a bunch of let downs. Some are always yap-yapping like parrots. They don’t know why and what they’re there for. They’re your enemy number one though you trust them.
Let’s face it and admit. A good winner accepts defeats so as to turn things around. And erring’s human nature. Our people know this. Sadly, though detractors are regarded as doomsayers, there’s some truth.  What’s said seems to be true especially on graft and drug peddling.  Last year one mbunge said openly that some of your ministers sell drugs.
True, people are getting disenchanted with your rule.  Tragically, you've nary disembarrassed the situation. Let’s face it. Who’s to blame? I know. You’re blamed more than anybody. But are you alone in this impasse-cum-imbroglio?
Mark my words Mr. President. The sage’s it. Better are words by the wise man than those of a fool and better is a poor boy than a foolish king. Let me say it. When you exulted to power, one thing’s not made public. You inherited a wretchedly wrecked ship thanks to Benjamin Mkapa’s hardheadedness and arrogance. The so-called investment policy’s but embellished embezzlement. The guys were stealing from public they swore to protect! Again, many wonders! Why have you ever thought about or attempt to declare your wealth? What a bad example!
Importantly, Mr. President, revisit all shoddy contracts that your predecessor entered. You willingly and openly promised to do so. Failure to this, our economy will tank even more. And this will cause mayhem in the future. People are tired. Against all odds, when Mkapa left the office, he didn't issue any formal report. However, it behoved him. When Mzee Ali Hassan Mwinyi left the state house made a formal report. He narrated all the nitty-gritty on where he found and left the country. He said. He left the country with surplus prosperity and stability. I still remember his last groundbreaking speech.
He asked us to forgive him where he failed. Again, he asked us to learn from his strengths and pooh-pooh his failures. We indeed did. For, he is the most respected and revered living former president.
But when it came to Mkapa, though he didn’t report, we know. He left much dark cloud in IPTL, EPA, TANESCO, NBC, ANBEN, Fosnik, Tanpower and what not.
Now that Mkapa is a sad chapter, let’s face it. Mr. President, you’re the luckiest person on earth. You still can prove us wrong by turning things around.
Despite all hardship and rampancy of corruption people still make do with you. Don’t let this chance slink. Much was said. There have already written acres and acres of articles to challenge you to come clean on corruption and tackling it.  People are tired of waiting for Godot.
I know.  There are a lot of tricky matters on your table.  We need your guidance as our leader. We can’t sell our country to every devil for just thirty pieces of silver. Say and do something about drugs. You've what it takes given that you've the names of those behind this crime against humanity. Our youths are perishing pointlessly Mr Presider. I’m not speculating or laboring under the rumour. Everybody is currently looking at you. Our people are straightforward. They are saying. What they are getting is not what they expected especially when they remember your promise. They say it openly that your house needs to be in order. Who’ll do it? Of course it’s you.  They want you to break away from money and power seekers you inherited from Mkapa. The time you've been in power surfaces to know who is better and who is otherwise. Three years down the line is enough to put the house in order.
Though it is premature to speculate about “wars on graft”, your consent to bring those alleged to books shall you give it a shot, is likely to empower us. We used to compile our wish lists of those supposed to be arraigned. We said without mincing words. High profile wing-nuts will never be behind the bars. Though much still remains to be seen as far as wars on graft is concerned, at least there must be a hunch. 
Mr. President, your party’s no longer a hub for poor. People are saying it all. It has been hijacked by drug dealers and money makers. Now that some of your own have decided to take on this cancer, don’t look back. It reached the stage where people would grumble and grumble hopelessly. Others turned to the past so as to wish Nyerere would come back to life and drum those elements out. This is not good for the leader. You know this too well. This reminds me what transpired in Mbeya recently where rogue and disgruntled people unleashed a hail at stone to your motorcade.  I don’t want this to repeat. 
You know what Mr. President. People are still waiting for the journey to the land of yum-yum-Canaan where worthy life for everybody is possible. Now that you've taken on corruption, let the journey commence.
Fire all this cream of the crap surrounding you. For, it’s said.  He who does not pull the rope with us is not among us. I know you know what I mean. There are many let downs in your ranks. In fact, the hunk’s what it takes to develop. The citizenry is meeting its obligations. Why then should we fail? Prove us wrong Mr. President. There are those that goofed believing they’re untouchable even though they’re corrupt to the bone. 
Source: Business Times March 14, 2014.


Jaribu said...

Mhango, I know you are working on the assumption that you are dealing with a man with a smidgeon of conscience. Sadly, it takes a modicum of intellect to develop a conscience. I hate to say this and I know we must continue the struggle, but your entreaties will fall on deaf ears, I am afraid.

What Kikwete leads now is not a political party, since even themselves they have stopped pretending that they have an ideology or even a political platform. CCM now is a den of iniquity, where all sorts of crooks and misfits flourish. You have your crooks, child molesters, murderers, economic saboteurs, common thieves, etc. You name it, they have it.

The only solution is to give these buggers the old heave-ho and throw them out; assuming they let that happen. They are past masters of election fixing, and it is in their interest to maintain the status quo.

NN Mhango said...

I concur with you especially you openly mention their characteristics. I don`t care whether Kikwete and his gang get it or not. I write for all even those like you who are ready to contribute their thoughts on how to take on these brigands. My belief is that one day they`ll be kicked out of power by the same bin-Adams I write for.
I thus welcome you to keep on expounding whatever nuggets of wisdom you have. I am a self-appointed crusader.
I know when you say we've our murders and child molesters such as Kapuyanga you mean it. I invite you to next time mention them by names.

Jaribu said...

Definitely will, we must keep the heat on these mafioso.

NN Mhango said...

So be it Jaribu.