Monday, 31 March 2014

Whose Constitution are we to have?

With unique swagger, President Jake Kiquette took Dom by storm with his big talk as he stormed at three-tier government. We now know what to expect vis a vis the New Constitution. For, he rendered the task of the Constitutional Assembly as useless as a fifth wheel after making his own constitution.
Jake did neither mince his words nor languish in tenets and etiquette of speaking as a head of the hunk. Instead, he spoke as the head of the establishment-cum-outfit. Jake did his moribund things in order to get a notch above Justice Jose Warioba who ended up bloodied and sullied so to speak.
Instead of guiding the hunk to the making of this crucial document for its future, the man offered a homily on what’d be done but not what’s required to be done. Instead of becoming a ref, the man turned himself into a player. All of the sudden hope and voice of reasoning bolted through the window. Time and dosh were lost pointlessly not to mention direction.
Again, looking at what Jake’s trying hand on; it, indeed, is an uphill battle. Some say he broke the law. If so, what are they waiting for to sue him? Given that the battle lines have been drawn, ours is to tease out and disseminate info and possible to umpire given that all this braggadocios and chest beating politicos are showing are about our hunk and dosh. I strongly urge the boozers to become players in lieu of spectators or cheerleaders if not majordomos for bankrupt politicos. This hunk is ours.  Thus, we’d not allow ourselves to be manipulated or taken for a ride as it seems to be. For the constitution the politicos and their outfits are fighting over is ours not theirs. We need to underscore the fact that if we don’t enact a good contract between us and them, we soon will be crying while they laugh at us. I know. The contentious issue in the Draft Constitution is but union of Zenj and Danganyika, sorry, Tanganyika.
On a more serious note, one boozer who answers to the name Mr Fearless cautioned us that whatever love we see in politicos must be scrutinized. For, he said that those guys don’t love us except our mshiko.  He went on saying that for every action there’s a reaction. His reaction to what Jake jabbered was simply--- boy, leave our constitution alone. Your mchakato is over. What else do you want? To come and lecture us about what we know better than you? My foot!
This educated boozer had a good number of reasons to warn boozers. Firstly, he said that to him the union’s nary been a problem. The problem is corruption, nepotism, ineptness, lack of accountability, irresponsibility and theft to mention but a few. For him the constitution should be centered on how to fight graft first. The rest will take care of itself. He struck a chord when he dispatched knockout punches on Jake saying that whether we go with three, four or even a hundred governments, it isn't his biz. We’re the one to shoulder the expenses Jake warned us of. The boozer added that if we’re able to shoulder his globetrotting expenses we too are able to shoulder the expenses of any number we’ll decide to have. He said that he doesn't see any necessity in any form or shape for Jake to pretend to be a teacher where he’s proved to be a student that didn't learn from experience.
 I love Jake, and am ready to die for him. I thus didn't allow the boozer to up the ante a great deal more. However, I’d admit. The guy had a point to put across. Jake knows how I love him. He’ll listen to my advice. After listening to many boozers, I found that they don’t support his move to lecture the Constitutional Assembly. Given that he’s the one who formed the Commission that collected the views it compiled in Draft Constitution, he’d have ironed out all hitches he thinks the document has. Boozers are saying openly that confronting Warioba is as good as for an editor to confront his junior in front of the readers while they have their ways of straightening things.
I don’t want to categorize Jake as person suffering from malignant narcissism. Again, looking at what he did recently in Dom, I doubt. Something needs to be studied more and more to know the type of personality going on in him. Grandiose as he always seems, with wits and smiles whose apogees are but cruelty, there must be something fishy hidden behind such traits. Sometimes you can have an off-the-wall disgrace without being aware of it. Again, all depends on one’s behaviour and his or her predictability or otherwise. One may loose and still put on a positive face on a crushing defeat. What do you call the all-hunk-yelling frenzy after one makes what he thought’s an effective speech? It’s sad for a person whose star’s falling but he still daydream that it is on the rise. Will he give up without a fight or being washed out of the scene just like others who tried his deception?  All depends on players who’ll show us the way shall they decide to. Again, we’re not home and dry yet.
Source: ThisDay March 31, 2014.


Anonymous said...

Ukirejea alichonena Mchungaji Msigwa...Huyu Sitta kamwe hawezi kuwa mtu sahihi kwa Tanzania ya sasa inayoitajia viongozi wazalendo ili iondokane na matatizo ya kiutawala na ukosefu viongozi wazalendo...

Ushahidi uliopo amedumu katika serikali nne zote kwa sababu kuu siyo mpenda maendeleo ya nchi vinginevyo wapenda maendeleo hawawezi kuvumilia hii hali iliyopo kubaki madarakani kwa kuwasaliti wanyonge kwa sababu ya kipato binafsi pekee

Jaribu said...

Can't say I was too surprised at Kikwete's grandiose but totally empty pronouncements. The man has elevated buffoonery to levels never seen since the days of Idd Amin. I wonder if he still employs speechwriter of lowly caliber like January Makamba, because at least someone should have pointed out the difference between a suspect and a convict. But that more than anything else enforces my perception of him as a crook; because a crook has a knee-jerk reaction against any attempts at law enforcement. Reminds me of when he was quoted on those Wikileak tapes saying that TAKUKURU should not bring charges to anybody suspected of corruption because they might sue the government; which begs the question, Hey Mr President, whose side are you on, the people whom you pretend to represent, or the criminals? Or better still, who let this clown into the State House?

NN Mhango said...

Points taken Anon and Jaribu. Hopefully those responsible will read your comment whenever they come to this tablet. I know. Some make sure that every morning they check to see what is in the offing.