Sunday, 9 March 2014

Is it mortgage, mirage or mintage?

 The other day I saw an advert on one of the so-called famous blog in the hunk. It was about affordable houses that turned out to be  untouchable. I hurriedly called my memsahib to tell her that at last we've found a home of our dream. I hurriedly wrote an email to inform the mortgage agent that he’s landed on a deal of his time little knowing he’d reply coolly so as to leave us pissed off!
 You know what? The guy on the other end did not sit on the email I sent. He replied as quickly as a thunder. This was nice when I noticed that the guy had responded. What became my unforgettable annoying moment is what the email contained. This guy who answers to either Kanji or Chandra shamelessly informed that they sell house, affordable houses, starting at US$ 110,000. The shock does not end with coughing cool hundred and so bucks. I was convinced that the deal is cool. Thus it’s worth having. For, I was told to pay ten percent which is a cool $ 22,000. The father of the whole shock is the requirement to pay the rest of the monies after two or three months. The first question that stormed my mind was: Where under the Sun do I get such money within such unreasonable time? Another followed: Is this guy serious or he’s just a Nigerian con man?
 I didn't give in easily. I wrote another email asking if he is sincere and serious. For yet another shocker the guy shamelessly told me that the $110,000 odd house was the cheapest. He said that they sell house at prices ranging from $ 110,000 up to a cool million bucks! After assuring myself that the guy meant biz, I just told myself that at last I've discovered why corruption and robbing the public coffers are rife in my hunk. This means. Anybody can rob anybody and invest in whatever biz or assets he or she likes as it recently was reported in neighboring Malawi where one junior public servant’s nabbed possessing over $ 300,000 in the boot of his car. This being the situation, I must say that what’s currently going in Malawi where Madame President Joyce Banda decided to take on mega thieves is exactly what’s going on in Bongo.
Given that there are no laws requiring somebody to show cause how he or she made dosh, anybody can do whatever biz illegally and legally and get away with it. I like to call this madili that overthrew Mwalimu Nyerere’s maadili or ethics. Put it this way. Deals took over from ethics and everything is cool especially for who haves. Now I know why young guys who have nary been employed anywhere are renowned tycoons.  They’re because nobody bothers to squeeze them to tell and show how they made their fortunes.
Again, whom shall we blame if at all the biggies of the hunk who are supposed to lead by examples are adamant when it comes to declaring their wealth? One boozer told me jokingly when I complained about this venality that they are afraid of declaring their wealth for the fear of jambazis. “Wow.”  That’s the answer I offered as I grappled with this criminality that has been legalized so as to become a systematic way of doing things.
Now I know why building and property development are big biz in the hunk. People can either rob paupers, or peddle drugs or poach our animals and get away with it under our thuggery policies.  I wish we’d ape rich countries in which nobody can sleep a pauper and wake up a tycoon the next day. If this happens, Revenue Authorities will be on your door to learn how you were able to make fortune miraculously like that.
It is difficult to get rich quickly in rich countries without toiling. How can one get away with it as it is in Bongo if at all every citizen or resident of these countries has to fail tax return every year? This is why these countries have less volume of corruption. And this is why they are developed especially when it comes to offering social services. It is because nobody or a cabal of thugs that steal from the public as it is in poor countries which are now producing venal billionaires.
What adds up to the development of rich countries is the fact that nobody is above the law. I recently was happily shocked when I learned that the Brits told her majesty whose head is on the Pound sterling to spend responsibly whereby she’s to be audited to see to it that every dime she spends is accounted for. Is it possible to tell an African potentate how to spend wisely? Doing so will amount to treason. If anything, this is why we’re always poor. It is because we've demigod who can squander our dosh and nobody can put them to task.
Going back to the mortgage, if such situation goes on unabated chances are that chaos from the paupers in the future is on our door. How will paupers consent to die of poverty while a cabal of swindlers is robbing them every day and make them believe that such criminality is normal? Given that corruption has been blessed and accepted, authorities seem not to bother to intervene.
Divine intervention is needed to see to it that the so-called mortgage helps everybody in the hunk.
Source: ThisDay March 10, 2014.

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