Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Is it Bongoland, Bongolalaland or Vigogoland?

God so (dearly) loved mankind that he sent his only son to save them, (John 3: 16). So too, the rulers of our hunk loved those they rule so as to send their kids to serve them, (BoT 1: 13 and Health 1:5). When predatory policies blessed by the power that be came into being, our people found themselves in precarious situation. They found themselves being vulnerable to the potential and imminent dangers of the system.  As this unfolded, the devil (charlatans) hoodwinked them (hoi polloi) to take such manmade disaster as a normal- God- given thing! They want them to live like Humilliati of 12th century. Hell no. 
Our people have always lived a squalid life of rascals. Instead of being up in arms or apply political jiu-jitsu, they’ve been made to believe that this is their fate. They're told not to disturb the peace of those who “own” the hunk by deceit. They must leave their plight and fate in the hands of their tormentors!  What fate can be decided by binadams instead of God? How can innocent tax payers keep on cascading down into abject poverty while their homemade thieves are getting richer and richer? 
 I know too well that this piece will annoy many people especially those behind the miseries of our beloved people. They’ll see me as prophet of dooms while they actually have been making the same dooms. Hating or discrediting me is like hating the photo while the one who made it is loved. Again, what goes around comes around. This is an unbeatable phenomenon. People need to be given the benefit of the doubt.
Essentially, we’re sitting on the ticking bomb wrongly thinking it won’t explode! Some politicians have even boisterously taken advantage of it stupid. They pretend to talk about jobs while their kids suffer no Joblessness. Currently, there’s news doing rounds online on nepotistic and corrupt employment of the children of bigwigs in the hunk. True, beneficiaries and their courtiers see nothing in employing the kids of movers and shakers in the hunk. They just say that those guys are fancily educated.  Tell it to the birds. How many mkulima’s and mfanyakazi’s children are out there wandering with their degrees while the kids of the biggies chad everything from public big time? How many rambunctious  sons and daughters of paupers are rotting out there without getting a job while the fat cats are dilly dallying in rich made by the way of robbing the public? What a primitive idea!
What we see is what we get. I recently came across names of Bank of Tanzia employees who happen to be kids of the biggies. This scandal of nepotism has gone viral as it rankles online. People are trying to air their pent-up choler by flaunting the names of the kids of politicos employed in public office just because they bear big names. These names are Sallyma Ally H. Mwinyi, Blaziaa William Nkapa, Pamela Eddie Lowassa, Zaria-zari Kawawa, and Fillybat Freddie Sumaye.
Others are AJabir A. Kigoda, Violent Phil Luhani-njoo and Justie Joseph Mungai. Others are Harietha Martenus Lumbago, Rechwo Muganda the daughter of the spouse of the former BoT governor (Dadi Balali), Sallyma Omar Mahita, Tommy Mongella, Likwu Kate Kamba, and Ken Nchimbi-li. 
Evidently, the ministry of Health is not spared of the virus of employing the princes and princesses. On the spot are names such as Drs. Janet Joji Kahamma, Hawaa R. Kawawa, Goony K. Kamba, Aasha O. Mahita and Ama-nii K. Malima. Interestingly, all of them are employed in Dar not Uswekeni. 
The cabinet, too, is not left behind. There are names such as Emmy Nchi mbi, Jan Makamba, Ad-aam K.Malima andAbdi and Hossein Ally Mwinyi. The parliament, too, has the same colour of mighty and glory. Those in the house are Wars and ZayB Kawawa.  I once listed the children of vigogos stashed abroad in our embassies. Names that feature in the list are Nkapa, Sokoini, Tibandebagi, Sija-see (Ona), Mwingi-ra, Ka-fanabo, Mu-nanka, Ka-rume and Msekua to mention a few.
Again, how many children of who’s who in the hunk are in such fat sectors such as TRA, Harbours, Immigration, Judiciary, Tourism, Trade, Minerals and what not? They may think they’re invisible, but the eye of the society sees them. 
The other day little bird told me that the high and mighty would like to see the hunk they’re milking being handed over to their kids and their kids hand it to their grandkids. This way ad infinitum! It means: the mwananchi has no longer a hunk to call his. He’s just a tool in the hands of supremos.  This selfishness and greed, if not stopped, is likely to cause morass and chaos. Hyenas can’t think out of their stomachs. This is what one fyatu told me the other day. He said that we’re experimenting hyenaism aka ufisi. We egg those implicated to do the right thing- stop, stop, stop just now.  Are you waiting for a had-we-known regret? Otherwise, what’s going on is a future ayiko-shinju or parent-child suicide. Is it wise to punch a knife’s edge?
“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered, the point is to discover them,” Galileo Galilei. Again, is it Bongoland, Bongolalaland or Vigogoland?
Source: Thisday November 26, 2012. 

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safi sana hii nimeipenda endeleaa kuwaumbua hao wazito na wanao;big up sana mkuuu